goldensmomNovember 17, 2005

I stopped prempro 2 weeks ago and started to take Black Cohosh 540mg 4 days ago. Am now having terrible headaches but can't find anything that says this is a side effect. Anyway I'm thinking about taking Estroven because I have read alot of good things about it and it has only 40mg of Cohosh in it. Anybody else taking this. BTW I am on my 6 year of hot flashes & night sweats. Don't know if they are ever going to go away without being on something. Ugh!!

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I took Estroven for 3 months. It worked well and I was very pleased. We went on vaca for a week and I didn't take it.....when I started again, it didn't work. I think your body just acclimates to things and they no longer have the desired effect.

I've tried a few different supplements. Prempro didn't help me at all. I currently take something called Complete Balance. It has an AM pill and a PM pill. The thing I'm liking the best about it, is the PM pill has 1 mg of Melatonin. I found that I wasn't sleeping well at night. The melatonin in this supplement is great! I'm ready for bed about 45 minutes after taking the pill, and I sleep through hot flashes and everything!

I DETEST taking ANY sort of pill/med. I NEVER take cold meds, no pain killers, etc. unless REQUIRED by a doc. However, this menopause deal is getting really old! :) I'd keep trying different types until you hit upon something that does it for you.

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Hey. This is fun. Finding all of you ladies on here feeling worse than I do. I feel great

I had all of the symptoms including the brain fog and lethargy. I was turning into a couch potato (I'm now 53 and post meno).

I did use Estroven and it worked well. Then they removed the kava kava from the European recipe. They banned it :-(

High dose natural progesterone. Daily, without break. For months and months and months. Estro Balance pills by Puritans Pride (I import this lot).

Caffein...(The C word!).....RED BULL.....I cannot praise diet Red Bull enough...Once I started taking a can a day of this stuff I felt as if I had cone out from a dark tunnel. Now I just take a can if I feel lacking in va va voom!

Hubby is on the Red Bull and testosterone gel (Now that stuff is va va voom!!!)

I am now considering a low dose estradiol gel to ward off the ills of age


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Estroven did nothing for me-- what works is soy milk - one cup a day on cereal. Amazing. My temperament evened out and my brain started working again. Confidence level came back. No more hot flushes or sweats, I'm sleeping better and feel like I did before I started perimenopause. It really really works, especially my cognitive thinking. I'm not searching for the right word, my vocabulary skills came back. I just want to share, this pretty much all by day 5. I noticed feeling better day one...just hadn't read that much about it and so I think others should try it.

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Nothing, absolutely nothing, helped eliminate or lessen the intense sweating I experienced for years. I refused to take prescription estrogen supplements for ethical reasons. I tried Remifemin. I tried extra-strength Estroven. I tried soy -- in smoothies, stir fry tofu, you name it. NOTHING HELPED.

That awful sweating finally subsided a bit after five years. Why? I dunno. I noticed it was exacerbated by stress. Also by eating more chocolate than I should. But I feel for all of us who have to go through this. It is miserable and so pointless.

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Thanks for the replies....2 months on Estroven has done nothing and the 540 mg of Black Cohosh only made my night sweats worse. I've previously tried mostly everything that was suggested here with no help. It seems now I wake up at 3:00 every morning and sweat to death for hours and never had mood swings before but now have them although it could be from lack of sleep. Pharm suggested talking to my dr. about a depression pill as they work for some people but sure don't want to go that route. Recently tried Pro-gest and everywhere I put it I broke out with a rash. I'm at my wits end but sure do agree with mjmercer as this is so miserable and pointless. Really enjoy talking to people and having my face turn bright red and sweaty....what a bunch of crap .... Sigh

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Please, someone tell me it gets better after menopause is gone. Between painful ovulation, horrible pms and symptoms of peri-menopause, it is just too much for me. I may have 2-3 days in a month when I actually feel well.

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Wish I could give you good news mimi514 but I don't know. When I was peri I would have periods for 20 days in a row every month so I can identify how 2-3 good days are all you have. As I said I'm on my 6 year of this menopause and finally decided to go back on prempro as nothing else is working for me. I sure do hope when this is all over life will be better.

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Estroven did nothing for me. A waste of money, I say. Red bull??? I've gotta try it! Isn't it just alot of caffeine though?

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I took an estroven pm last night and today I feel more anxiety..who knows...maybe something in there that did this??? I'm sooo sick of trying everything..oh, well, those joys of peri.


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I thank whomever bumped this thread up. I didn't realize it was further down and I have read each and every one.


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Gee....I forgot I put this thread on here. Am once again off Prempro as I started to have leg cramping. Have been trying everything under the stars and nothing and I mean nothing helps so have resigned myself to just "dealing with it"!!! Now I'm sweating for 5 minutes instead of 15 but they are coming more and more and the intense cold I feel afterwards.....YIKES...this is misery. Oh and the 100 degree temps aren't helping.....

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Wow, it sounds like we're all pretty normal dealing with this menopause. I've decided to just go natural and try to grin and bear it. I am miserable with my multiple hotflashes, day and night. But I don't want to add a possible negative reaction to an already stress producing condition. If they could find something that would be effective for even 90% of the female population, I might go for it. We know that's not going to happen in time for us!
We'll just sit in this boat together and wipe our brows!

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I bought Extra Strength Estroven at Sam's about a week ago, took 2 with my evening meal and was up all night with heart palpitations. Thought it might be a work "reaction" (busy, busy, busy), so took it again this morning with breakfast and I feel very speedy. So it's a consistent reaction. Back to the drawing board. Maybe I should just use a little gin before bed! (haha)

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I hear you, Goldensmom. I'm going on year 8! I was told by one doctor that he had a 70 year old patient with hotflashes!
I tried all the natural stuff for the first few, red clover, black cohosh(which worked for a while)...I finally went on HRT, only to run the gamut with that. I tried a lot of them, most worked for the hotflashes, but had side effects that were almost as bad(sore breasts, irritability, weepiness, etc). I finally found the least of the evils with estradiol(a plant based synthetic), .5mg daily, along with a vaginal gel(estradiol,.5mg/ml) applied once weekly for dryness and atrophy. It's a very low dose, and if I partake in spicy foods or a bit of alcohol, it will cause a breakthrough(but mild) hotflash. My only side effect is breast sensitivity, which I can put up with. The trick is finding the HRT with the fewest side effects, at the lowest dose that manages your particular symptoms. Then you need to have regular check ups and bloodwork to make sure things are ok.
There are also some non-hormone meds that reduce hotflashes. I tried effexor, an anti-depressant, but even at a very low dose I had bad side effects. I also tried gabapentin(nuerontin), an anti-seizure drug. Stopped the hotflashes, but I felt drunk all the time(not in a good way). But then, I'm very sensitive to most medications.
I hope you can eventually find something that works for you, and just know that you're definitely not alone in your quest!

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Hi everybody...thought I would post an update. I started hot flashing what felt like 24/7....was soaked all the time and sleep was completely impossible. Went to a new doctor who put me on Clondine which is a HBP pill but can be used for hot flashes. It was suppose to put me out at night like a light. Well for weeks I felt terible anxiety and felt like I was a speeding bullet (it was good for cleaning the house & not so good for driving a car) so he up the dose & told me it was in my head. Finally realized this guy was a quack and just went about my way and took nothing at all and dealt with it the best way I could. Guess what .... after endless months of miserable soaking, constantly changing day clothes and night gowns and no sleep they are now not so often. When I get them they are still quite intense but oh what relief I feel. So to noinwi and everyone else relief does come sooner or later. I sure hope I don't post down the road that they have returned with a vengeance....

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Oh no .. I'm back and hot flashes are bearable but night sweats aren't. Waking up around 1:30 every night soaked and after changing can't get back to sleep. Just lay there and sweat, freeze, sweat, freeze. Went to a new dr. yesterday who gave me samples of Effexor XL and am paranoid about starting it after reading pros and cons of it. If you read this noinwi .. can you please tell me the side effects you had.... or anyone else who has taken this drug...thanks.

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Well, you have all put my mind at ease...Have been perimenopausal for a couple of years now, but this week started with sore stiff nipples at night..wake me up when I roll over sore...I was considering Estroven, but seems like a waste of time and money. I have heard evening primrose metioned a couple of times now, so I'll look into that. Thanks all...and goldensmom...hope that this bout is a short one!

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Well this is a very late follow-up, but I felt it was important to add to this topic. It's real a shock to read so many women have negative reports about Estroven. I've had very favorable experiences with it and have been recommending it to my friends, so I hope they fair better than what I've read here. Honestly, the stuff has been like a godsend for me and I wasn't really expecting it to work. But not only did it work great, but I inadvertently proved there was no placebo effect involved either.

I really knew nothing about menopause (a form of denial, I guess), but had already made up my mind to just tough it out naturally. Well, that didn't last long once the symptoms started. I had frequent hot flashes, couldn't sleep, was moody,.. textbook menopause signs. To get some relief, I bought Estroven at the drugstore one day (because it was on sale) without knowing anything about it. The product says it may take 2 weeks or more for results, so I was really amazed to find my symptoms improving in only a matter of days. By the end of the first week, the hot flashes had dropped off dramatically and were so minor I barely noticed them.

I took Estroven for a couple of months and felt so much better that I actually forgot to buy more when my supply finally ran out. Well, soon after that the symptoms came back with a vengeance. The hot flashes were so frequent, I couldn't function in public and so severe, I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust. Again, I opted for herbal methods first, but this time I bought a generic brand because it was cheap. After a week of taking it and noticing no change, I doubled up on the dosage. Still no help, so I began taking 3x the amount, but was still suffering terribly.

I gave up and made an appointment to get a hormone prescription. But before that appt, I decided to give it one last try and bought real Estroven as a last ditch effort. Just like the first time, the effects were dramatic. Within days, I felt human again and after a week, I could live with my much-reduced menopause symptoms easily. Well, that convinced me and I'll never buy anything but genuine Estroven again. I was so grateful and so impressed that I even wrote a letter to the company praising their product (something I've never done before!)

After reading the reports here, I feel really lucky to have had such a success story with Estroven. But I did want to write and tell others that before giving up on herbal relief, try real Estroven and NOT a generic. Also, oddly enough the extra-strength version didn't work as well for me and had the annoying side effect of making me sleepy all day. So I take the regular strength Estroven and spreading them out over the day seems to yield better results rather than taking the stronger pills once a day.

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Hello all. Nice to meet you. I am 26 years old and was forced into menopause by way of hysterectomy.
I am having a terrible time trying to find something that works for me without all of the side effects. I started on premarine, but it wasn't absorbing into my body properly, so then I was put on the Climara patch, but it gave me tendonitis, vericose veins, and the beginnings of blood clots, so now I've just started on Estroven Extra Strength as of yesterday. I took my second dose today. I haven't noticed a big change, other than dizziness and light-headedness.
I have hot flashes, not cold. I get about 10 of them within a 24 hour period. They're not so much unbarible for me, as they are just a neusance. My main issue is the moodiness and feeling of rage and anger that washes over me. This mood swing is so unlike me....I am usually the bubbliest, sunshiney girl in the world. I know that it hurts me to feel this way, so I'm sure it hurts my family to see me like this and fall victim to my grumpiness.
I already eat a lot of soy products and increased my intake to see if it would help, but it didn't. :( I sure hope this Estroven stuff does the trick. I'll keep posted about my progress.

Thank you!! :)

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andulusian - I have had the same experience with Estroven. It took several weeks before it began to help my hot flashes and after a couple months, I also went off them for a short time. Big mistake! I'm convinced the Estroven has helped and after a few days of going back on it, the hot flashes were gone. Occasionally I do still have a small one but nothing like before. Evenings were the worst, with 2 or 3 during the day.

globug - not to put you off the extra strength, because I really don't know... but I read somewhere that the extra strength isn't as good for the hot flashes. But let us know about your mood swings. :)

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Acupuncture helped me. After about 5 visits, my hot flashes and night sweats are gone. He is still working on my anxiety attacks, but he seems to think that he can help with this too.

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I made my husband drop by WalMart on our way to church because I knew I couldn't sit through the mass in my own skin! I bought the Estroven, took it immediately and within a day or two it worked. After the first few days, I cut down to 1/2 pill daily because of breast tenderness. It was more anxiety and feeling like I was going crazy that bothered me. I could put up with hot flashes, but going crazy? Uh uh! I take it for the first two weeks of my cycle. Then I use progesterone cream for the last two weeks. Works for me. Now if my skin would quit burning and my bones quit hurting, I'd be just fine!

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I just purchased estroven two days ago. Hoping this stuff works. I had a complete hystorectomy 5 years ago for medical reasons. If I only knew then what I know now I would have suffered through the pain and never had surgery. I have tried everything! Spent alot of money on all kinds of stuff and still nothing. And don't forget the weight issue. Oh my gosh! I have gained weight in places that I never knew I had before. And I have always been a person that watches my weight. Trust me my weight is a big issue. I won't take anything that will make me gain. I would just like to find something that will help me return to the normal person I use to be (including return to my normal weight). I have turned in to someone that wants to do nothing, no motivation, energy, you name it and I'm it. And trust me that was not me before. I was always ready to go and do stuff. Any suggestions?

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Hi marie47.....I very much sympathize with you. Wish I had suggestions for you but since starting this thread almost 2 years ago I've tried everything from OTC to RX and I just rode it out. I'm still going through it but it has lessen somewhat. I don't know too many women who go through this and don't end up with a weight problem. For me I started to work out more and mostly increased my weight lifting. Its not easy and I just accepted the fact that I will never be the weight or look like I did before menopause.

You say you have no motivation, energy, etc. Have you seen a dr? I think for some people menopause can be so terrible that they end up with depression. Maybe a dr. could help sort things out for you.

I wish you luck.

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Goldensmom. Thanks for the support! Yes I've been to the doctor about this. But it seems she just wants to put me on HRT and I won't do that. However, about two years ago I was on Wellbutrin for feeling depressed. Then I got off of it because I started taking this other stuff called Estrin D and it had some herbal stuff in it that helps with depression and I didn't want to over do it. Which I might add was ok. This stuff did help. Took it for years. Now I can't find it anywhere. Stores have stopped selling it cuz they say their not selling enough. So now I'm trying Estroven with Energy....don't know if this is going to help or not.....we'll see....thanks again!

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For heaven's sake women, do you think your ovaries care where those hormones are coming from? I doubt it. I am in my mid '50's and have been taking HRT for several years and I feel great! Many of my friends refuse to take HRT and yet all they do is complain about the woes of menopause. Also, I went on a long trip and and ran out of my prescription. Whoa, hot flashes and everything that goes with it are not for me. I purchased Estroven which proved to be ineffective.

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For some women who are predisposed to cancer of the uterus and breast cancer, it is very hard to find dr. to give HRT. I do agree with you! Something in the world is gonna get us. I really want to feel like living this life while I am here. Depending on how you grew up and what your fears are I suppose. Personally I am afriad that what I have left will be miserable. So I ddi take the HRT route, it wasnt perfect either. But this forum is open to all sorts of feelings and discussions.

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Estroven didn't work for me, It made my legs have really bad cramps. NOTHING has worked! My Newest thing Pomegranate 500 mg a day, I'll try ANYTHING! HA! Anybody tried this??

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I have used the Extra Strength Estroven and found it EXTREMELY helpful. I found myself dripping wet at night. During the day, my make-up melted off my face and slid down my collar. This menopause stuff is not for the faint of heart.

My question: Suddenly I have been having a much higher blood pressure reading. I never had a problem with blood pressure before. I totally forgot to mention the Estroven to my new doctor. I am slim (ha! for my age, I am!) and I eat well. Has anyone seen an increase in blood pressure as a result of over the counter remedies?

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After taking Estroven PM (not extra strength) for about 3 weeks (for hot flashes and sleeplessness), both symptoms were almost completely eradicated for me. But here's the kicker....I had a light, light period after about a month on it, and feel like I'm fixing to have another one (about another month later). So I don't know if the Estroven took care of the symptoms and also caused the period, or if I was going to have it anyway and that is what caused my symptoms to go away. (When I was still having periods irregularly during perimenopause, the symptoms would abate a little before, during, and a little after a period.)

I had not had a period for over a year before taking the Estroven, and had been having some pretty serious hot flashes and sleeplessness, so I think I was post-menopausal. I'm afraid to stop taking the Estroven to test it, because of the possibility of the misery starting up again, and also because of the person who said it didn't work after they stopped and started again!

I could only find one reference on the internet to this happening to someone else, and the doctor who answered her questions said it was doubtful that the Estroven caused the periods. Has anyone else had this experience?

Btw, I'm only 47 now and not having periods has been heaven!! :)

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I bought Extra Strength Estroven from an eBay seller and my hot flashes completely disappeared. I then bought Extra Strength Estroven and Estroven PM again on eBay.

I noticed that the Estroven PM version pills were coated with a terrible tasting substance. This second batch of Extra Strength Estroven has a bad coating taste, but not as bad as the PM version.

The Estroven PM did not make me go to sleep, and this latest batch of Extra Strength Estroven has not helped my hot flashes in the least!!

Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart and bought Estroven Maximum Strength, came home, and cut open a pill to compare it to the eBay batch that didn't work. The inside of the pills looked the same.

If you have taken the Extra Strength or PM versions of Estroven, will you post if they have a bad taste or don't work, especially if you bought them online.

After seeing on tv about fake medicines, etc., from overseas, I'm thinking that I may have purchased fake Estroven.

Just had a hot flash that went away. lol Hoping this new batch will work!

Oh, you only have to take one of the Maximum Strength Estroven, but you take two of the Extra Strength version.

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Yes, the PM version has a bad tar. Have to swallow them quickly! I've been able to get sleepy since I started taking them, but I can't say for sure if it's the herbs in the pill or a change in hormones that's caused it. I'm gonna keep taking them just in case! (unless I start getting the symptoms again, then I'll know it was just a fluke)

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For any of you who are looking for a good book about female hormones, I recommend Screaming to be Heard by Elizabeth Lee Vliet.

I've been experiencing peri symptoms at age 38, and started reading this book to see if my hormones were the cause of my symptoms...disrupted sleep, dry hair and skin, depression, bouts of irritability and anger, weight gain around my waist, night sweats, etc.

I have learned so much about my hormones that I decided to get out of my HMO insurance plan and onto a PPO. I found that the HMO did minimal to help me. They ran a few blood tests, told me my results were "normal" and told me to see a therapist (it was all in my mind). I'm halfway through the book and have learned it's not "in my head", the HMO didn't run all the tests they needed to get a full picture. So, I went to an insurance plan that allows me to seek the care I feel I need.

It is our responsibility to make sure we get good health care, and when it comes to hormone issues, a majority of the medical community just doesn't get it. Don't let anyone tell you, "It's all in your head"!

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it was 9 months without my period when i started getting hot flashes day and night,tired all the time,moody.Heard about estroven went to the store bought the estroven energy about 2 1/2 months I started feeling great.The month of May it was a year without my period and I've started my period again.Could it have been the estroven not for sure.Thought about stopping them to see how i would feel but i dont want the hot flashes back..Yuck!!

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I'm a googleholic so that's how I found this site. It's been really interesting reading all of the posts. I'll try to be brief. I"m 40, back when I was 33 I got a hyst. with ovaries left in (they were healthy back then). I got the hyst. because I was bleeding more often than I wasn't and a D and C was unsuccessful. I was so tired from bleeding all the time, I already had two kids, so I opted for surgery. Almost immediately after the surgery my physical problems started and have not stopped. I was never an "ill" person. I started having severe stomach problems. Then ill all of the time, no immune function. Then told I have Epstein Barre. One thing after another, year after year. I've been to so many dr.s so often I figure I should have my own private suites. My husband, BLESS HIS HEART, says "go to the dr." and I just cry. Dr.s here in Lancaster, Ca. look at you for about 30 secondss if you're lucky. I"ve had my left ovary removed due to a large cyst. NOONE told me I would gain so much weight after that surgery that people wouldn't even recognize me! NOONE told me that peri or menopause or whatever is going on with me would happen almost immediately. I still have one ovary and was told it has cysts in it, too. I feel like my quality of life dropped dramatically after that ovary surgery, way more so than the hyst. I was thin pre-hyst, then I was perfect weight pre-ovary removal, now I"m just plain fat and I don't eat any more than I used to. I eat and drink healthy and it does nothing. I walk, too. I feel worn out all the time, weak, moody , I snap at my husband and kids then feel awful because It's not ME! The Dr.s have tested my hormones and say they're fine??????? I have night sweats sometimes and hot flashes, too. The "brain fogs" make me feel like I"m an absolute idiot. Anyway, my estroven is sitting on the table waiting for me. I'm so sensitive to meds, the reason I looked it up in the first place was to see if there were any side effects. I"m the kind of person that if a med. is supposed to make you tired, I"ll be up all night crawling the ceiling. If it's supposed to be "non-drowsy" I"ll be trying to stay awake I'll be so tired. If anyone has any funky side effect, please let me know. Glad I found all of you. Thanks in advance, Kelly

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Alrighty LADIES, we've got to get this under control. I've done so much research on menopause that I feel I'm becoming a bit of an expert on the subject. :) I am 46 years of age and have been having all the symptoms, and in essence felt like I was coming apart at the seams. 2 weeks ago, I decided to start really trying to get a hold on my life again, and so far so groovy. Let me just list the regimen I've taken for 2 weeks, with really, really wonderful results. So far, I've started to have more energy, can actually think and converse again, I sleep like a baby, and my mood is grounded and serene. Take notes ladies, this is working...

in the morning:
an herbal MULTI-VITAMIN with 100% of everything,
(1) VITAMIN D 2000 i.u.,
(1) capsule VITAMIN E 1000 i.u.,
(3) capsules FISH OIL 1200 mg each,
(1) capsule FLAXSEED OIL 1000 mg,
(1) VITAMIN C 500 mg,
(3) capsules "NOW" CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID 800 mg each, (2) capsules SPIRULINA 400 mg each by Nature's Sunshine, (2) capsules, PROACTAZYME PLUS by Nature's Sunshine,
(1) caplet ESTROVEN,
(1) PAROXETINE HCL 20 mg tablet (generic for PAXIL but only costs $6 per month)

then at bedtime:
(1) caplet ESTROVEN,
(3) capsules "NOW" CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID 800 mg each, (2) capsules SPIRULINA 400 mg each by Nature's Sunshine, (2) capsules, PROACTAZYME PLUS by Nature's Sunshine,
(3) capsules FISH OIL 1200 mg each,
(1) capsule FLAXSEED OIL 1000 mg

Yes, I know this sounds like a lot, but let me tell you something ladies, I'm feeling pretty awesome, like I'm 25. My life, after 2 weeks, is looking more and more beautiful. Why would I start something like this? Because this is what my body needs, and I've only got this one life to live. You WILL feel better!!! You WILL get your weight under control!!! You WILL have more energy!!! OMG, I just can't emphasize this enough. Give this a chance. You WILL NOT regret it :)

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Has anyone tried Estroven maximum strenght? Any problems with weight gain, ect.?

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I am 52, 5'6", 140 lbs, in good health, physically active, bicycle, hike, garden, snow ski, etc. I had a hysterectomy with ovaries left 5 years ago. Suddenly, 4 weeks ago, without warning, I had a hot flash 30 seconds after I went to bed. They have not stopped since. I was waking up MULTIPLE times a night and flashing during the day as well. I had a hot flash every time I ate....anything!! Here is what I did.

I watched my food, ate only at times that were right for my schedule and cut out any triggers after 5 pm. I am adding soy milk.

I wiped down with a cold cloth and drank cold water before going to bed and drank cold water whenever I was feeling the onset during the day.

I placed a cold wet cloth on my nightstand and as soon as I felt a hot flash in the middle of the night, I threw it on my face, neck, chest and wiped down my legs and arms.

I used deep breathing and relaxing to cool down and regulate my heart as a daily exercise. I added cold, wet cloth if necessary to enhance the feeling of 'cool' on my skin.

I practiced taking control of my emotions through deep breathing, positive thought, exercise, getting outside as soon as possible and doing everything I possibly could to enhance my calm. ( Believe it or not, forcing a smile while breathing and relaxing actually helped calm myself as well)

This all helped, but I was still waking about 8 or 9 times at least every night.

I purchased Estroven PM 5 days ago and started taking it before I go to bed.

I only woke up twice last night and the 'flash' was mild and I returned to sleep. I am noticing a weight gain and am adjusting my diet to see if I can control it. I am going to monitor this very closely.

I will stay on this as long as it works, and if it stops working, I will go to my doctor and talk to him frankly and honestly as I consider him part of my team in life. I will determine to keep moving forward and fight for my happiness.

I want to feel empowered, even if I am not, and I am stubborn enough to convince myself that I will be a part of my mental and physical well being as an active participant instead of a victim of my age.

So, I am adjusting my life, keeping active and exercising, and doing whatever I can to help my body maintain control. I have a choice to live within my body without fighting against it and I am not turning my back on anything that will help me do that.

As of this date, Estroven PM is working for me.

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Hi Ladies, here is my 2 cents worth! Not the same as all of you, I have breast cancer, therefore can not do the HRT. Chemo threw me into major menopause x 10. 30 flashes or more a day. I also refer to them as my "Private Summer". Anyways, where I am getting my treatment, they have naturopathic Dr.s there to help you. I have been on Black Cohosh, no help. Black Cohosh with Vit E, no help. Pulsatilla, no help. Lichesis, no help. Currently I am taking 2 tbls of natural organic flaxseed meal with 1 tbls of natural organic flaxseed oil. I do this in the morning and before I go to bed. This has reduced my flashes at least by 50% and they are not as severe. Tuesday I will be done with radiation and 2 weeks after that I am to add the Vit E again, to see if we can get more of an affect. Can not take Vit E during radiation. I will try to update on that later.
Good luck to all of you.

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I am 53 and have been dealing with insomnia, hot flashes, lack of concentration and periods of light-headednes for about 3 yrs. I tried evening primrose (1000 mg, 3x a day) and a natural liver support capsule which brought the "roar" down to a "whisper" for about 3 months, then I went off of them and the symptoms came back. I may try them again. The thing is your hormones can be in a lull stage sometimes and then come back. It's been interesting to me, how many doctors don't take these symptoms very seriously, when they really impact every area of our lives, including the fact that I am not able to apply for jobs that I would have felt competent doing before (lack of focus, brain fogs). There is no way you can explain this reality to someone in a way that they can understand it unless they have experienced it themselves. I would love to try bio-identical hormones (identical to the hormones in a woman's body, derived from plants), but the initial tests are a bit expensive. If you have the right doctor and insurance, you can get the tests covered, though. Suzanne Somers swears by them, and I personally know 3 women who take them and say they feel great. I believe once the initial blood tests are done (to see where your individual hormone levels are), the expense of maintenance isn't bad. When I was in Southern California, I was going to contact the Hall Center in Santa Monica (see website), but we are now in Colorado, so I will eventually try to find something here.
Watch out for premarin and prempro. It was explained to me by a doctor and a pharmacist that the hormones in most HRT are not identical to those in a woman's body. Google "premarin" and notice the scary websites about aborted medical studies due to serious side effects before the studies could be completed. Horses have extra hormones not present in a human. Premarin (from pregnant mare) is derived from the urine of a pregnant horse kept in less than humane conditions. Google this, and you will be appalled. Knowledge is power. For ethical reasons alone, I will tough out my symptoms if necessary.
Some women are ok on premarin and prempro, but for most of us this kind of HRT is like Russian Roulette. Especially steer clear if you have a history of breast cancer, stroke or cardiovascular disease in your family.
In the meantime, judging from the comments here, I will give estroven a try. Good luck, everyone!

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I'll be 52 in October. I've been taking Estrovn Extra Strength (Kroger brand) for most of the summer and it seemed to calm my hot flashes down by 50%. I haven't tried taking the PM version because I take Tylenol PM at night to help with the sleeplessness and the pain. I see a lot of posts about night time pain, and I wonder if y'all might have Fibromyalgia. You might want to google it and check out the symptoms. I am currently controlling the flares by taking Tylenol 8 hour religiously, 90 mg Cymbalta, 60 mg of Lyrica X2, and a muscle relaxer. On this regimen, I am doing really well.

Fibromyalgia is a miserable "syndrome" (as they are calling it now), and I think the fact that it strikes more women in their 40's and 50's has to do with hormones. I have always been low in progesterone all my life (my Mom took DES while pregnant with me). I got pregnant 2 weeks off the pill (after being on it for 5 years -- since I was 17 due to horrible, excruciating periods), and my GYN kept saying there was no way I was pregnant. 9 months later, a beautiful baby girl. But after that, I had 4 miscarriages before they figured out the low progesterone issue and put me on progesterone suppositories. Viola! 9 months later, another beautiful baby girl.

Periods were horrible afterwards, couldn't schedule anything around my period because it was a moving target. I had 2 miscarriages after my last daughter, and then I said enough and went back on the pill until I was 46. OB/GYN said at 36 I needed a hysterectomy, but I didn't want to lose anything in my endocrine system, so refused until I was 46 and having horrible periods 3 weeks out of 4. Afterwards, wished I had done it years before; it is amazing how much pain you can tolerate until it is suddenly gone. Kind of like getting an epidural before birth -- you're like OMG, I feel so much better! I didn't realize my back and hips were that miserable!

Perimenopause was awful up to hysterectomy, and then 4 years ago (at 48), BAM -- into menopause. Horrific migraines, mood swings, just wanting to cut everybody... and then the typhoon hot flashes started. OMG, I feel like I'm a horn blower -- I take 1 shower and 1 bath a day because I literally soak my clothes... unless I take Estroven religiously. Then it's more like, dang it's hot, but you're not having to take a tea towel with you everywhere to mop your face, neck and arms. The past 4 times I've gone Krogering, I buy flour sack towels to wipe myself down. It's horrible!

Somebody mentioned a damp/wet towel... maybe I should keep moist towelettes in my purse to wipe myself down after a deluge... at least until the Estroven kicks in again (I've been out a week, and I'm hoping that I've not acclimated to it!).

Someone talked about makeup melting. I now only use waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara. I use a lipstain instead of lipstick. When you are mopping your face regularly, why waste the makeup? For awhile, I used tinted moisturizer, but now I'm even having problems with moisturizer just sitting on my face and not absorbing into my skin. I keep thinking a new type will help, but until I find one that says "will absorb into oily, sweaty skin" I am going to save my money.

The weirdest thing -- I have had thinning hair since my mid 40's, and after two months of taking Estroven, my hair is thickening up again! I used to use a smaller "clamp" to pull my hair up and roll it against the back of my head (like a french twist), and now the smaller clamps are too small for my hair -- I've had to move up to medium clamps. It would be so nice to have thick hair again... and nails that didn't split vertically... :-( No fix on that yet.

I think I'm going to go to a holistic doctor and have them run a battery of tests to find out just what I'm low in. I have a sneaking suspicion that I don't need estrogen as much as progesterone. There is a group of centers nationwide that deal specifically with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue that seem to get the whole hormone issue, but normal insurance doesn't pay for it. I have a PPO, so maybe... I think I'll make the appt -- I will try ANYTHING to try to get back to normal, where my brain is sharp, I'm not exhausted all the time, and not having to take painkillers, antidepressants (also for pain), and muscle relaxers 24 hours a day.

I'll try to come back and update if things change. Those of you who posted so long ago -- when does it stop?!?

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i had a partial hysterectomy 14 years ago, a few years ago my night sweats/hot flashes started. i found the best relief from kroger brand estroven. stopped everything. also i found at night, i cut the heat off to my bedroom and we usually leave the window cracked or use a window airconditionaire to keep the room around 50 degrees. i have a heated mattress pad to put on warm to keep my body from getting too cold. this has also made a world of difference in my ability to sleep has all but eliminated the nasal problems. haven't had a sinus infection in several years. the only time i have a hot flash or night sweat now is when i forget to take the estroven for three days in a row, i then take two a day for three days to catch up, then everythingt is just fine again... I now sleep at least 8 to 10 hours everyday and feel wonderful.....

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Carol(jones) I'm sure hoping and praying my outcome is as good as yours! I'm 45 and still have regular periods mood swings, sleepless nights and night sweats are killing me... and my husband. :( Just took my first pill tonight...i'm hoping and praying in a few days or at least weeks things will turn around.

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Oh my god, sooo glad I found you guys. I have been thinking i was loosing my mind. Im 47 still having normal periods, but gaining weight sweating, not sleeping and wanting to slap everyone around me! I cant think for two clear seconds in a row, I loose everything its terrible. I just took ,my first estroven tonite, praying it works. God love my husband he is really being supportive, but I dont think he can do 10 years of this!!!!! He has started calling me Sybil because I have two different personalities. We have been married 25 years, I hope this doesnt kill it!

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What a terrible road we women must travel just for being a woman. I've been taking Estroven for three years now for perimeno stuff. Had a hysterectomy for adenomyosis (a medical condition characterized by the presence of ectopic glandular tissue found in the uterine muscle) and cyst on my left ovary. I have my right ovary, but the little guy is pooping out. I've had no hot flashes thank goodness, but goodness gracious, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY MIND?! I'm suffering from Mr. Magoo of the brain! I can't even remember what I had for breakfast, just plain scary. I thought I was getting Alzheimers! But nope, the phone call from my doc today revealed that I'm estrogen deficient. Great. He's putting me on HRT like NOW. The Estroven did wonders for me, it helped me sleep and my emotional level (lack of Linda Blair episodes) evened out. I suppose it can't keep up anymore considering my mind is in a constant fog...not good when you forget where you're going while driving! I'll post back what it's like taking Estroven and HRT after a week. Till then, wish me luck!

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God bless all of you ladies. I too vowed not to take anything; just grin and bear it but I can't take it anymore. At 48, I'm taking my first Estroven tonight and I am praying for a miracle. Between the hot flashes at meetings in front of everyone to the inability to sleep at, cold, cold, hot, I am so over this. And my poor husband...he knows the look jumps up starts turning on air, fan, openning windows and doors. he's a real trooper. When this all started together we sat down and looked at symptoms. We made a decision he would pay me no mind for the next 10 years or so (he's getting a free pass to ignore me)We'll see what happens

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OK, ladies, based on this input, and at my husband's urging, I just bought estroven. I had a partial hysterectomy 6 yrs. ago. Hot flashes and night sweats started about 3 weeks ago and I am already exhausted! I will let you know how it goes.

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I started taking estroven 2 wks. ago. Night sweats are better but.... DAY SWEATS, OMG. My mood is what's bothering me. My relationship is going to crumble if I don't do something! I need some answers! love the fact that it has helped w/ the night sweats. Blessing! But my .. well let's put it this way, I could strangle everyone I come in contact with. GRRRRR. I'm not like this! HELP???????

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I've just started taking Estroven Nighttime and am really pleased with the results. I'm sleeping much better and the night sweats have lessened considerably. What a relief! Now if I could just find something to stop the daytime sweats -- every day, between 11:00 a.m. and noon. No hot flashes, just dripping wet with sweat. My students have even commented on it -- how embarrassing is that?!

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Hi goldensmom I totally sympathise with you lovey i have tried just about everything you can shove into your body to try to get some relief from the horrible sweats etc i too was put on clonidine i couldnt take them during the day they made me feel drunk i couldnt get out of bed i tried doing 1 at night but to be honest it didnt do a thing except make me sleep for a while ive ended up back on the HRT patches be it the lowest dose possible it does help ive gotta be honest i found if i do 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off it seems to help a lot ive had a hysterectomy at 30 due to endometriosis and im 47 now started at 45 with this peri thing i do take a multi vit with iron and a b6 and half a magnesium daily this does seem to help i think estroven was a complete waste of money along with black cohosh and all the other so called remedies which just didnt work at all for me the blood pressure pills made me sweat i had to stop them so now i just have a low dose elleste solo patch which helps i dont use it for the whole time just 2 weeks at a time i think that way my body builds up the hormone it needs and then uses it slowly so i think my menopause will tail off and with that i wont go into full blown relapse when i no longer take the patch its a kind of weaning process but over a longer time i will know when i dont need it and my body wont go into shock and im not having it to a point where it could hurt my body maybe you could try this method it may help i was dead against hrt at first but my method of use doesnt leave me dependant for years i just get my own control and relief i do feel more positive now that i have found my own way after nearly 3 years of struggling and spending a fortune hope this helps you a bit hun i know just how frustrating and dissapointing it can be when you are not getting any results no matta how hard you try ok x

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So glad to find this forum. I'm 36 years old with a family history of early menopause. When all this starts earlier than usual, it is very difficult to be taken seriously initially. In the past six months, I've noticed symptoms getting more intense and frequent, especially mood and anxiety swings and changes in my flow. I have said until recently that I wanted to just power through this deal without meds or hormones, but the last few weeks have been horrible. Weepy, angry, feel worthless, obsess over the craziest stuff. Have been on an herbal supplement, Change-o-Life (sounds so corny), that seemed to help at first in the fall, but not lately. I also quit taking it regularly (not good, I know) when it seemed to not be helping as much. I also take a daily multi. Anyway, today was day 11 in a row of just feeling not like me. I went to the dr. this week and the diagnosis I got was simply hormonal fluctuations and a prescription for the pill. After my own research and the dr.'s warning of side effects of the pill after 35, I felt very trapped by this whole situation. I am so blessed to have a husband who listens and then tries to help me find a healthy, workable plan. Neither of us felt good about the pill at this point, but I am going to revamp my exercise routine and thought process. I am going to cut back on my caffiene and sugar. I also got the generic of Estroven Extra Strength today. I know it's too soon, but after just half a day after my first dose, I feel more like myself, more in control of my emotions and not near as consumed by worry. Perhaps that's just my wishful thinking kicking in or my hormones leveling out a little anyway today, but it's nice to feel like me tonight instead of falling asleep hoping to wake up tomorrow feeling better. What is scary is how anything you take has health warnings, including this natural supplement when you research the ingredients online. But this menopause deal is more than I bargained for, and for now, I am opting for getting back to me with as little risk as possible, and for me, I feel better about this than going on the pill. Reading the posts ahead of this one has sure helped me not feel near so alone in this. I am normally a very happy, positive person with a family I love so much, and I want to stay that way. I don't want the mood swings and anxiety and all the unpredictability of this phase to have a negative effect on how I am as a wife and mom. So it's time to be proactive so I can be me, for me and the people I love most.

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my dr put me on estradiol without taking any blood work. is this right

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I am 44 and have been taking estrovan for 3 days now. I also take black cohosh and a mild anti-depressant....I will say that my hot flashes seem to be not as bad however I still wake up at 3 a.m. I went from numerous hot flashes a day to maybe 3 or 4. If I could only sleep through the night. My irritability seems better. I actually had a whole conversation with my husband tonight. I was just so angry at everything and everyone. Then I would cry. i say if your dr. wants to put you on a mild anti-depressant thats ok....she even suggested the other 2 pills. I went from no pills to 3 pills a day but its worth it.

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Be patient with Estroven. I take max strength and it took about 3-4 weeks to get results. Very few hot flashes, better sleep at night and better energy again. Question though...anyone having any acne issues while taking Estroven? Never really had an acne issue until now, even as a teen.

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I have been using Estroven Plus for about 2 years but lately, the flashes are worse and the night sweats too. I decided to try something new called i-Cool and so far, I can't tell if it's working or not. Has anybody tried Amberen? Like a lot of you, I wanted to avoid HRT or anything that isn't natural but it gets to the point where you feel so awful you just become willing to put up with potential risks. Last question for the group: bioidentical hormone cream worked for me for about 6 months then quit - read online that's b/c it becomes absorbed by the fatty tissue in the body where it's applied and no longer reaches the bloodstream so vaginal suppository is supposed to be the way to apply. Anybody doing that? Is it working?

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I started having really wicked hot flashes about 2 months ago and was having a tough time sleeping. Started taking Estroven and at 4 weeks, the hot flashes were a lot more mild and at 6 weeks they are completely gone. So - it wasn't a real quick thing for me, but I am really glad I stuck with it. I have a history of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer in my family and really don't want to go down the hormone road.

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I have been taking Estrovin in the morning with my vitamin c and taking the nighttime one with my calcium at dinner time for about 3 months. At first my 10 hot flashes during the day was cut down to maybe 1 and I slept very well. Now I get 2 or 3 during the day and maybe one or 2 at night. I really never got sweats just flashes. I have cut down on on my sugar intake and drink only one coffee a day. I have uped my exercise and doing very well with this.

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After having a hysterectomy at 28 I started the hot flashes, etc almost immediately. Now I am 62 and sorry to say to all you that are hoping for an end to it all, I am still dealing with hot flashes & night sweats all day and night. Tried HRT (Premarin) for a few years in my 30's, the black cohash route, amberen and estroven all to no avail. Only relief I have comic relief about the whole situation and never leave home without 3 fans and a handful of paper towels (they don't fall apart as easily as tissues. Best of luck to y'all and keep smiling & wiping.

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It is nice to read others' comments. I think y'all have helped. Will let you know.
I started with the night sweats/hot flashes about ten years ago. I started taking Estroblend (generic) and it kept them in check. I stopped taking it about a year ago to see if the night sweats were gone and they immediately came back so I started taking Estoblend again and they stopped. I have started taking Estroven in the last couple of months and the night sweats/ hot flashes are back. That's why I am here.
After reading some of your comments, I will go back to the Estroblend TODAY and see if the night sweats/flashes will stop again. Other than that, I have not had any other ill effects of menopause (I am 48) other than having two or three mini menstrual cycles a month (but only every two or three months).. Usually I just have a mini cycle each month.
Hope this helps someone and good luck to all.
Will let you know if it helps.

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Love this forum. So yes I started with the hot flashes and read about Maca root. It's from Peru and stimulates the body into producing hormones versus replacing them. Found them for 3.99 on Swanson Health and started taking them. First they all but removed the hot flashes. Now I get hot flashes but they only last a few minutes. Was considering trying Estroven but now I think I should try upping my dosage to 2 pills and see if that helps. BTW Dr. Oz talked about Maca for men to use. Seems it is touted as a stamina enhancer. They can be expensive so check out Swanson for the best prices. For $4 it was worth a try for me.

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Well, after 3 weeks back on my generic estroven (estroblend) the hot flashes and night sweats have pretty much disappeared. YES! Life is good again.

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I am so glad I found this site.
I have been dealing with hot flashes and other menopause related symptoms for about a year now (I am 49)
I am not one to take pills/meds (not even mild painkillers) so the idea of starting HRT scares me.
That said, my symptoms are starting to worry me. I am having constant headaches, my already poor sleep has gotten so much worse, I am forgetful, cry at the drop of a hat for no reason, have muscle/bone pain and I'm tired all the time.
Any of this symptoms is bad enough to make anyone wish for a remedy, but the entire set is so worrying because they basically make you into a different person.
I am thinking about giving Estroven and a multivitamin a chance and will try to stick to it if it works (it will be hard due to my aversion to all kinds of pills/tablets)
I will report back with my results.
Thanks much to everyone for sharing, it helps to know that there are other people out there who understand what one is going through.

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Hello all
I never really post on any blogs, but since I share the discomforts of menopause here and happy to find the thread, I wanted to contribute my experiences. I started taking Estroven a few months ago, and similar to a few people who posted here...I often forgot as I am not a "pill taker". In any case as my hot flashes, night sweats and brain fogs grew worse, I made it a point to take the Estoven daily (it was not the maximum, but the energy booster). Estroven recommends 60 days before you will see a marked difference. In short, I started to feel human and normal again. I was sleeping, very little to no hot flashes, a miracle drug! Then out of the blue after not getting my period in close to a year and a half, I got it I got myself to my gyn immediately. I had a sono and it was normal. I brought the Estroven box for my dr to see the ingredients. He immediately told me to go off it. He and and the ultra sound technician said that anything with Estro is estrogen, so it is a drug, not a natural OTC supplement. He said no damage done, but that it is not FDA regulated (on the box). It means you may have the right amount of soy and black cohash in one box, none in another and way too much in the third. He recommended I stop it and come back in six months where they will give me hormones that are balanced the way the body intended. Estoven taken over long periods of time can lead to uterus cancer. If I was going to take the drug long term then I would probably see bleeding due to the amounts of estrogen in the drug. Of course everyone is different and you need to make your own decisions. I am sad to part with what I thought was something that solved my menopausal woos! I will see what the next six weeks brings. Trying to exercise, vitamins and eat right, but not looking forward to those hot flashes coming back. My best to you all!

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