Re: Hair loss and hormones

BNTNovember 20, 2001

I am new to this forum and accidently came to know about it while surfing the net to find out reasons about my severe hair loss. I read about using rogaine but I am skeptical about using it. I am 42 years old. My hair loss is so severe, that now I am even worried to pass a brush or comb thru my hair. It started about 7 years ago and has gradually become worse. Since last September my periods have become erratic. First I thought it was due to stress I was going thru in those days. We had some friends staying with us and that lady was a nightmare to live with. They left 3 months later but my erratic periods continued. The first day is just a light stain and then have sort of normal flow/bleeding for next three days and then its over. I now I am wondering after reading the messages on this forum whether this is due to hormonal imbalance. And whether this is the same reason why I have been losing so much hair.

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Psst...there is a long thread with exactly the same subject currently about 3" down this page!

Yes, it can be hormonal; you could be in perimenopause. But check out that other thread. Rogaine is apparently working for some women.


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I am sorry to have started a new thread here by mistake. Like I said I am new to this forum and did not know that by posting a message here which I actually wanted to be a follow-up would in fact turn out as a whole new discussion. I have been trying to delete this since then but dont know how to.
Thanks for your reply though.

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Hehe...they don't let you delete or edit messages here (or I've just never figured out how.)

Anyhow, I'm 43 & having the same hair loss thing, in my case a receding hairline (hormone imbalance, too much testosterone or something.) I gave up going through a pound of mousse a week and had it cut in-your-face spikey short on Saturday. I love it, and Mr Carina is...well, I think he is getting used to it!


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