urinary incontinence and more...........

catherinetNovember 17, 2009

Ever since I got fibromyalgia about 15 years ago, I've had alot of urinary urgency and frequency. But this Fall, it got alot worse and I have episodes of incontinence.

Also.......I'm finding it difficult to get stool out, even when the stool is soft.

I'm fearing that everything is dropping internally, and putting pressure everywhere. I know there is a surgery to lift everything, but I sure don't want to have that.

I know about the kegel exercises, but wonder if there's more exercises I can do for both urine and stool health.

What a bummer this is. Seems like I just get one problem under control and another one pops up.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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First Have you told your doctor about this. If not I urge you to do so.

Are you doing the Kegel exercises right. You should be able to feel the tightening of the muscles in the Vagina area tightening and loosening. Try cutting off and releasing the stream of urine when you are peeing. When you can do this you know you are doing them right.

Strengthen the rectum muscles by tightening and releasing those muscles too.

With both of these exercizes try to draw the rectum or Vagina up into your body and release

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