Bone Density Test

cheerful1_gwNovember 16, 2007

I have osteoporosis in my spine and hip. I have to go for more bloodwork, then the doctor is prescribing Boniva. This hit me like a ton of bricks. I figured I'd get this later on in life, not at age 52.

I was feeling good the other day when I started my HRT, thinking, my problems will start going away, now this happens.

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I am so sorry cheerful, I have heard that of all the drugs, this is the one with the least side effects. Do the drs. have a exercise plan or diet for you?

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I have not spoken personally to the doctor yet (the nurse gave me the results). I have to go for bloodwork to test my thyroid, Vitamin D and calcium levels. Once I get those results back I want to talk to her.

I've heard that weight bearing exercises and walking are good. I'm going to start doing my homework on this subject to see what I can do to get this under control.

I just started HRT last week (Activella) which is also supposed to help with osteporosis (although I didn't know I had it at the time).

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Sounds like you are on the right track. It is a lesson to us all to start with the weight bearing exercises if we havent already. I am going see about switching from Prempro to Activella in March at my annual. Have a great thanksgiving. Let us know how things are progressing. Shotzy

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Thanks, Shotzy, and a great Thanksgiving to you too.

I'm going for my bloodwork today. My GYN wants the following tests: calcium, Vitamin D, parathyroid hormone, alkaline phosphatase, TSH. I think this is to rule out possible causes of the osteoporosis.

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All the bloodwork came back normal. I'm going to start on Boniva. I'm nervous about it, but will keep my fingers crossed for minimal side effects.

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