Well, this is annoying

cheerful1_gwNovember 6, 2006

Was diagnosed as being in menopause last year. Had regular cycles until this past May; then 3 months went by without a period; then they came back; I now have had my second period in two weeks. Is this what menopause is about, or is it something I have to worry about?

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You should always keep your doctor informed about any changes you are experiencing but in my opinion and experience with this, yes this is unfortunately another one of the lovelies LOL we can look forward to during menopause.
my own experience with sparatic periods has spanned almost three years now and my doctor told me before and again just last week that until I have gone at least a whole year without one then it may still continue. I'm up to 97 days without one now but had two regular periods in a row just before that. If you are experiencing any other uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, loss of memory, extreme fatigue and so on you could e-mail me at carleychristine@hotmail.com and I would be happy to share with you how I have found Sooooooo much relief!

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I called my doctor. She wants me to go for a pelvic and a trans-vaginal sonogram this week, then come in and see her. She will squeeze me in (otherwise I'd have to wait until April for an appointment).

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My sonograms were normal. She told me to keep track of my cycles for the next four months. If I'm still getting periods after four months, she wants to do a biopsy. I just got one today (again, a week and a half after the last one finished). Yuck.

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Cheerful1, I'm glad the sonograms turned out okay.

I have a question and didn't want to start a new thread since it's on the same subject. I am 55 and was regular until 3 months ago when I had my last period. Am I supposed to call my doctor? I saw her last March for my regular gyn physical. Can I wait to see her in March and does it make a difference whether or not I get a period before then?

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