Menopause and Unemployment

sweatyandtiredNovember 15, 2009

Lucky me to have both at once, but I'm sure I'm not alone. I was on an interview the other day and got a hot flash, he asked if I was ok! UGH!! I can only HOPE his wife hasn't started yet because than there would be No Way he'd hire me! Its really hard trying to "Sell" yourself for a new job when you feel like you hardly capable of running your household these days. Work is not a choice, I need to help with the family expenses.

I am currently taking Black Cohash (160 mg 3x per day) for the HF's (it i actually working fairly well, that employers office was extremely warm which is why it affected me and maybe the stress)

Also Maca 500mg once a day, I'm upping it to 2x per day. Its supposed to give you more energy and help with mental concentration. Also used supposed to help with sexlessness. Like my new word? Not helping with any of these yet which is why I'm upping it.

And Red Clover 800 mg 2x per day - its supposed to help with HF's and Moodiness. (I got lots of moodiness!)

I also take Calcium (600mg), Vit D (1000mg), and Omega 3 (1000 mg).

Is my calcium too low? I will ask the GYN in December. I called a few weeks ago and they wanted to give me an appt in MARCH! I feel sorry for THAT receptionist! I got one 12/1.

I have tried to eat right me whole life so I never took vitamins, felt I got them through my foods. When my body stopped making Estrogen and thanks to the internet I learned alot, I dove right into the Vitamin market. I do not want to have to start HRT if I can do this with Herbal Vitamins.

We'll see,

Thanks for listening,


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S&T ... this is all new to me, so I can't comment on what you are taking. I just came to this forum to learn about what my body is doing these days.

But I thought someone should respond to your post ... looks like this forum isn't very active? I could only imagine what you were feeling during your interview ... I'm just staring to get hot flashes.

Hope you find a job soon.


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I've tried soy, black cohash and am thinking of Bi-est, have you heard anything on this? This site isn't very active but hopefully we will get some help. It's probably active in the spring, seeing how it's mostly plants and gardening. Good luck on job hunting!

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