Speaking of holidays....

hibiscus53November 8, 2007

how crazy to we get? Has anyone started shopping,decorating,planning or do we all procastinate and become bigger bears than usual as the holidays near.Myself, for the first time ever started getting a few things. This will be our first Christmas in NC and want to enjoy it. We'll see....

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Well, I guess I'm a scrooge, but I don't even like the holiday season anymore except that I get to buy stuff for my 2 grand-daughters, my son and dil, my friends, and my family. This time of year holds in it some bad memories, and I hate that I have trouble just letting stuff go. I think I'm stuck in a rut, lol. How does Christmas in Cozumel sound? It kind of has a catchy little ring to it.
Mrs H

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Wow, thanks for starting this post. I too am a humbug. I used to say it had to do with money and expections I put on myself (and by the population.). However, I am convinced it to had to do with expectations when I was small, and the pressure it put on my mom to "get it all done". I am very grateful to my partner in life because he doesnt care if things are "in order" around the house. WIth working and making ends meet, there doesnt seem to be a moment to enjoy the holidays I just dont have the energy to do much past 6:00 in the evening. But here they are and I will try to smile about it all. So before I get to grumpy, Happy Holidays to all my meno-sisters! Shotzy

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Shotzy- happy holidays to you too! And all the rest of you great ladies.
Mrs H

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Happy Holidays in advance to everyone on this wonderful forum!

We had Christmas Eve in our home for the past 16 years. The last few years were very stressful (gee, I wonder why?). My niece asked if I minded if she had it at her house this year (she remodeled her kitchen). I said, "mind, not at all" (while secretly doing the happy dance).

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