Gatorade? Really?

larryunoNovember 9, 2008

My wife doesn't speak english, but is suffering menopause, so I am learning. She and a friend are going thru the experience at the same time, and both are convinced gatorade alleviates. I guess it's the local home medicine vine, but if it's effect is more than placebo, then I guess it is mineral insufficiency that needs be overcome. Potassium? Magnesium? Sodium? Any clues here?

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I've never heard of that. I fear all the sugar in that drink could worsen symptoms. Maybe it is the electrolytes?? If it works.....then great!

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Yup....I found that if I'm having those strange feelings that wake me up in the middle of the night (sort of like low blood sugar or something) drinking some gatorade does the trick. I swear by it. My doctor doesn't understand it, she says gatorade really doesn't have alot of sugar in it.

Menopause is so complex, that most of it you can't explain. My take on it is...because of the erratic hormone levels(insulin being one) your body is not utilizing or over utilizing the sugars needed for proper functioning. That makes for erratic swings. I've given thought to the electrolytes, minerals, etc. and gave up. I'll probably never know why, but I make sure to have gatorade in the house at all times.

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