help! is there a natural alternative to gynest cream?

dolly2November 14, 2010


My doctor diagnosed atrophic vaginitis on thursday after I visited with general uncomfiness in that area, plus the constant external sensation of needing to wee.

She prescribed Gynest cream, which seems basically to be hrt in cream form from what I can see.

Anyway I started to use it on thursday night and the symptoms disappeared within hours BUT I woke with a dreadful headache on friday morning, then again the same on saturday morning after using the cream friday night.

I didn't use the cream last night - no headache today, but the original symptoms are back :(

I have called the pharmacist today who has confirmed that the cream is probably responsible and that bad headaches are one of the known side effects.

Is there a natural alternative to using this cream? I don't want to have to choose between one problem or the other (a "trade-off" was how the pharmacist described it!).

I hope that someone here can help me.

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