Where can I buy hinges that open only to 90 degrees?

nancyaustinJanuary 5, 2010

Our pantry cabinet door (a full overlay on a frameless cabinet) was installed too close to our door to the garage so when the pantry door opens fully, it bangs against the door to the garage. Our cabinet folks tell us that Blum does not make hinges that open only to 90 degrees. Do any of you know of a source where I can get hinges that are similar in design to Blum but only allow the door to open to 90 degrees? If you do, I will appreciate your advice. Thank you. Nancy

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I think they do make 90° hinges. You should look on their site or call them to find out for sure. I'm pretty sure the 90° hinges on our buffet are from Blum.

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Blum makes a kit of shims to modify the normal 110* hinge to open less.

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Thanks, cat-mom and Casey. I'll check the Blum website to look for either the 90 deg. hinge or the shims.

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I had the same problem. My cabinet guys added a piece to the Blum hinge to make it only open 85 degrees. It would be a shame to have brand new cabinets get dinged up! They work great!!! It amazes me that cabinet installers don't automatically put these in where they know cabinets will bump. It seems like a no-brainer, but I had to push to get my cabinet guys to come up with a fix to the problem. Good luck.

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We'd wanted wider opening hinges on our buffet (we're used to the 170° and 110° hinges in our kitchen), but the furniture maker uses 90° hinges so that's what we got. I just checked and they're definitely Blum hinges.

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Rockler sells a Blum hinge that is billed as 90°.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rockler

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Problem with the 90 degree Blum hinge is that the cup is 26mm. Odds are that Nancy's door is drilled for a 35mm cup.

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Another option is something like the wire cables our GC installed in the two upper cabinets on either side of our corner cooktop so the doors wouldn't hit the hood.

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Try Googling for 90 degree cabinet hinges. I brought up a lot of hits for them.

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organicgirl and Casey, I think I found what you were describing. Blum calls it a reduction clip and it reduces the opening to 86 degrees (and costs 38 cents!). I also found a Blum hinge for thick doors that opens only 95 deg. but I can't tell if it will fit the cutout for the hinge---the same issue Casey mentioned to Joseph. I sent both the reduction clip and the 95 deg. hinge to my cabinet installer but haven't heard back from him. Jewel-1, I will Google for 90 degree cabinet hinges. nhbaskets, that looks like a great alternative if I can't find the 90 deg. hinge---and you remind me that I have doors on either side of our cooktop mantel that should also either have 90 deg. hinges or the cable that you have!

All of you are an amazing source of information! Thank you!

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If you can't find what you're looking for, my kitchen installer put a piece of chain on the interior of the door so it won't open more than 90 degrees and bang up against the next cabinet.

It looks like something from the 20's, very, very low-tech, but it's high up, nobody sees it, and it works
like a charm! Didn't cost me anything either!

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I installed the Blum angle restriction clips on my 107 degree clip hinges and it limits the swing to 86 degrees. Works great and KD was amazed!

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