LouNovember 9, 2001


I saw my doctor this week and she said that I have been on HRT for over 5 years now and she wanted me to get off of it and just try taking Remifemine and fosamax (once a week)

pill for my bones. I have been taking FemnHRT for almost a year and for six months have been taking it every other day. So I stopped the FemHRT and I will be beginning the fosamax tomorrow. The Remifemine is a natural herb that is suppose to help with hot far so good. I am pleased that my doctor talked to me about getting off of HRT. She thinks that most of my menopausal symptoms should be gone by I will keep you updated.

PS: Of all the HRT I took the last 5 1/2 years, FemHRT was the best for me. LOU

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Lou, have you asked your doctor what she expects this once weekly fosamax to do for you? So far as I know there is no such established protocol for the use of fosamax. All studies done on it use 5 or 10 mg daily. As for reminfemin I'd wait until I had symptoms before I took anything to get rid of them. You may be among the lucky 1/3 of women whose menopause continues to progress and evolve while they take hormones and never have any more symptoms.

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Leigh are you suggesting that 1/3 of women have no menopausal symptoms at all? Just curious.

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Actually most authorities claim that 65% of women have no symptoms at all or their symptoms are so mild that they never seek treatment. But in this case I was talking about *rebound* symptoms. About 2/3 of women taking hormones find that stopping the hormones brings all the symptoms back, so that they have effectively merely delayed the discomfort. That means, of course, that for 1/3 of women taking hormones the symptoms do not return when they stop.

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These authorities you quote are probably male and don't know there rear end from a hole in the ground. Anyone who believes this statistic is a bigger fool than "the authorities". I clearly remember a certain "hormonophobic" this thread stating that she went through 5 years of subclinical depression during menopause. I consider subclinical depression a pretty significant problem.

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How does one person saying she had subclinical depression negate the idea that 65% of women have no or little problem? The two situations can easily coexist.

Why *wouldn't* anybody believe these statistics?

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Hello Ladies
I never really had any symptoms from menopause except that I could not sleep well at night and an occasional hot flash.
I am taking fosamax only because I do have some bone loss. The only reason I was placed on HRT 5 1/2 years ago was because of my bone loss..............its not real bad, but the HRT eliminated the continuous loss of bone. I took my first fosamax this we will see. My doctor did not want to give me Evista, because she said that there has not been a ten year study completed yet and since it is similar to tamoifen (?? drug they give to women to help
decrease the chance of breast cancer) she did not want to give it to me because she said it could cause problems with
endrometrial cancer and bleeding. I trust this very young and knowledgeable MD and have been using her for 10 years, however, I did do my research on Fosamax, of course. I will keep you informed. So far off of the HRT, I feel the same and sleep just fine. I will take remifemine because it has all the good stuff in it that I use to take separately. Lou

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Lou, I apologize . Apparently a weekly regimen with fosamax at 7 times the daily dose was approved several months ago. I wasn't aware of that.

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Obviously what you consider significant and worth seeking treatment for is not what I consider significant or worth seeking treatment for. (You did notice that the statistic referred to no problems *or* ones so mild they did not seek treatment for them?) Had I sought treatment I would have asked for treatment for the specific problem of depression which would most certainly not have been hormones. Do you think my taking hormones would have brought my beloved canine companion back to life? Would my taking hormones have made my kids younger so they could have stayed home instead of going off to college leaving me with a huge empty house? Do you think my taking hormones would have cured my wonderful father's lung cancer? Would my taking hormones have saved his life or brought him back?

Those things were going on at the same time as perimenopause and menopause. Those things were causing the depression and depression was an appropriate response to them. Taking hormones would have been stupid for two reasons. They weren't going to change the underlying cause and instead of learning how to cope with inevitable rough spots life hands out and growing from them I would have established a habit of running for a pill bottle to fix my life.

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Hi, I just returned from a visit with my holistic physician, who by the way is an M.D. Anyway, when I brought up the subject of Fosamax, because of mild bone density loss, he said absolutely not, that Fosamax is poison, and he has me taking trace minerals instead. I also read up on Foxamax, and it has only been on the market since 1994, and any studies on it are inconclusive. Just wanted to share this information.

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My sister was given a prescription for Fosamax, after reading the side-effects, she decided not to take the stuff. Apparently, it is very hard on the stomach.

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Hello Ladies and
What are trace minerals for the bones? Fosamax is posion? What does your doctor mean? I only took one dose of it on Saturday and have not had problems so far, but Istill would like to go a more natural way for the bones. I do take 1500mg of calciium a day, but with me that does not seem to be all I need. Thank you. Lou

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Lou Lou, I just ordered some trace minerals. You can get them at a health food store. The one I got is an 8 oz. bottle and I use 1/4 tsp. in a liter of water and drink it throughout the day. It is supposed to be all the minerals you need in your body. About Fosamax, well, I did my own investigation on it, and decided it was not for me. But my doctor confirmed that it was not a real bone substance, but it covers the bone with a crystal substance and it could more likely cause fractures than help prevent them. I don't know if everyone agrees, but I know for myself and because of my own research, I would never take it.

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Thanks Ginny
With trace minerals do you still have to take calcium? How about multi vitamins? I am still researching Fosamax and as soon as I find out the information I am looking for, I will decide what to do. I don't want to have more bone loss, but I don't want to stay on HRT either...what a dilemma! Evista is even worst because it can cause blood clots! Women do no thave it easy trying to stay fit.
This getting older is no fun at all. LOL! What kind of doctor do you see? I she just for women going through menopause? Thanks. LOU

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Lou Lou: I take no calcium anymore, just the trace minerals, a multi vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin E, no HRT, just natural progesterone cream, cod liver oil, and I am on a thyroid supplement. I had slight bone density loss, also, but my Holistic doctor said that the trace minersls would help my bones. I am seeing both my regular doctor and the holistic doctor. Both are MD's and I feel that each has something to offer for my personal health. Also, I am post-menopausal two years, now, feel pretty good. Exercise is important for your bones, so that is a consideration, also. Hope this helps you a little. As I said before, this is what works for me. You have to decide for yourself what is the best treatment for you.

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Hi Ginny
Thanks for all your good information. I am going to see about getting trace minerals also. I do take a multi with calcium in it (100% of calcium) Cod Liver oil pills? What is that for? I use to take Primrose oil and or flaxseed oil, but stopped because I read that they could cause problems with breast tumors. I run almost everyday and have been doing so for 15 years now. I am now post menopausal and feel okay. I just stopped taking HRT, but do now take remefemin. My doctor told me that it was a good herb supplement for menopause. I am still investigating the fosamax and since my doctor suggested that use it for my bone loss, I may use it for awhile until I finish with all my research. Thank you again. Lou

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