Thank you for your understanding ...

toomuchglassJune 19, 2010

I wanted to make a second post to thank the people that replied to my first post . ( Yeah - that DOES sound weird ! ) It was about the equality issues - just a few posts down.

I can't thank you all enough for not making me feel foolish for complaining about such a weird thing.

Quote from asolo :

We are pretty bad at taking feminine hints, I'm told.

You made me crack up laughing .... I really needed that laugh ... * high 5 ing ya !*

Being blunt doesn't get me anywhere - neither does bargaining . As I said , I've been near tears & that hasn't helped. Actually - I have a laundry list of things that he does that make me feel smothered. I guess too much of a good thing can even be crippling. I don't see an end in sight - ( maybe I should "threaten" counciling ....!) I just want to thank everyone for your understanding.

Kathy ( Toomuchglass )

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if nothing helps then maybe your only option is to go see a counselor, don't threaten, just suggest it to him, not a bad idea.

If he does not want to go, go by yourself, see if it helps you to put things in a perspective. everything is relative...

I certainly understand how you feel. Try to laugh about it rather than cry. :)

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As someone said, "Polite can be controlling."

only it isn't manners;
it's control being called manners.

A person who knows that his behavior is making his partner unhappy & who says, "*I* like it" & continues...
is not concerned with her happiness or comfort.

He's in the driver's seat, & he's driving his life & yours.

I'm so sorry;
I don't have any suggestions on how you can get what you want.

When someone has all the marbles & won't give you any, you have to make decisions about whether you want to stay in a game you'll just lose over & over until the day one of you dies.

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Oh yes, it is really very great. Your are welcome all the way. Defiantly here we are to help other in social matters.

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A counselor is a good idea. I was going through a bad time and my doc recommended seeing one. He explained that when we are unhappy we see the problem one way, a counselor can offer options we have not thought about.

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