Is there a resale market for 50+ yr old metal cabinets?

LF123January 3, 2011

I have a 58 yr old kitchen that still has the original cabinets that are metal. My GC and decorator have heard that there is a resale market for these? My decorator even thinks they are cool! Before they are ripped out and placed on the front curb, I thought I should research this- according to my initial research they were the top line back in that day. Does anyone have any information of this?

I, also, have the original range that is 58 years old. It is a 40 in GE that resembles a studebaker with 2 ovens. In the 30 years I have lived in the house, I have only had to replace the light bulb. It will not die!!!!

I am rewarding myself with new everything as nothing in this kitchen will die young!!

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Yes, I'd guess you'll have no trouble finding takers for both---there are definitely lovers of old stoves and steel cabinets out there! How much you'll get for them depends on where you live, what kind of condition they're in, and how common they are in your area, but if you run an ad on your local Craigslist (and see what's already on there) you'll get a better sense of it. There's bound to be someone going for a vintage look on a budget who will love them. You might also be able to find someone who will come remove them in exchange for taking them out of there, which could save on demo and disposal costs, too.

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Yes, someone somewhere will want these. You might just find though that brand new stuff doesn't last or hold up as well as your "will not die" cabs or range.

Someone recently put some metal cabinets up on craigslist in my area. They were turquoise, someone snatched them up within a week.

If you can't sell them, donate them to Habitat for Humanity Re-store.
Good luck!

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At one point I was seriously considering actual vintage metal cabs for our kitchen but could never come up with as many as we needed, so wimped out and are doing white thermofoil slab fronts in hopes of approximating the look.
I know CL is a good place, and ebay as well. You can google "architectural salvage" and see what is near you. You may get some good money for them if they are in decent shape.

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I put mine down in our new storage room/man work room. They were wonderful. Great latches for earthquake country too!
The old range is down in the basement too. I'm sure there is a market if you put them on CL.

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Sure - but it's not huge and you'll have to do some work to market them.

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I'd love to know where you are. . .
My DH would like to get some more of these cabs. (We currently have 1 sink base w/ enamel sink that we are very fond of.) They are such sturdy cabs. Is your stove a 6 burner? I just posted a newer vintage stove we're considering on my thread "mom of 6" here at GW.

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LF - just curious... where are you and how wide is your sink cabinet?

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YES! There is a whole 'cult' out there who would snatch those up. I am in that group. If anyone is looking, I know where there is a sink base w/sink. North Iowa.

Here is a link that might be useful: Retro Renovation

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The following is a link to the postwar steel cabinet forum on Retro Renovation. I think her site is hard to navigate and it isn't easy to see that you can post cabinets for sale there or at least get an idea how much they sell for.

I sent the same route as Marcy and put my St. Charles cabinets in my laundry room. They are fantastic cabinets and look like the day they were put in (1964).

Here is a link that might be useful: postwar steel cabinets

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Here is a link to some vintage metal St. Charles cabinets currently for sale on the Retro Renovation website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage St. Charles Metal Cabinets on Ebay

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I'm really late to the party here, but if anyone is still looking at this thread, I have a full set of St. Charles butter yellow cabinets with walnut doors on the upper cabinets for sale. Contact me if you're interested.

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I have a full kitchen of vintage St. Charles metal cabinets that we will be removing for a kitchen remodel.Originally they were turquoise, then painted yellow and most recently electrostatically painted white. Large kitchen with lots of cabinets. Would like them to find a new home and not be trashed.

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I have a single white upper metal cabinet and the original metal cabinet for a cast iron double dish drainer sink.. .wish I had more.

there is an architectural salvage place in Kalamazoo that has had these on occasion.

If anyone has white or tourquoise metal cabinets I'd be interested. I'm in northern Indiana.


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I have e-mailed you.


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Hi -- I'm in the market for metal cabinets in good shape. I'm in Asheville, NC, but am willing to get a truck and come to you.. We're re-doing a house circa 1960 and am need of just about everything from that era. THanks!


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Dear Leslie,
we are located in Alexandria, VA (possibly driving distance for you) and are just finishing our kitchen renovation and have a complete set of base and wall metal cabinets from 1957. They are generally in good shape considering their age and free of dents, except for some rust under the former sink cabinet that can be refinished. Please see the photo, I can send more if you are interested in buying them for your remodel.
Sincerely, Gunnar

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I'd suggest there's a very strong market for metal cabinets.

Check out Garage Journal (website). It's where those of us who prefer to deck out our workshops hang out and you'd be amazed at some of the shops out there. Metal kitchen cabinets would be scooped up very quickly I'd expect.

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