Guaranteed to bring you & your spouse closer together

rotnyJune 18, 2003

Just thought I'd throw this out there to kinda' lighten things up a bit. My wife and I are both active people but always seem to have very different agendas. We like to spend time together but could never find something to do that we both really liked...until a couple months ago. We started taking ball room dance lessons and, I gotta' tell you, this has been the best time we've had together with our clothes on.

This isn't just the run-'o-the-mill box step Waltz. Oh no! This is Foxtrot, Salsa, Club Swing, Tango...and about a dozen others.

You don't have to know how to dance - you don't even have to be that great at keeping time. They'll teach you all that stuff. And once you learn, you'll finally be able to dance at the wedding reception or the holiday ball. Guys, surprise your wife and earn big points by signing up for an introductory lesson. Ladies, drag your husband to the studio and show him ball room dancing is not some un-masculine atrocity.

Ladies, you'll feel like a princess in your man's arms and guys you'll feel like prince charming while your wife glows as you dance her around the floor.

This takes a committment of time and it'll cost a little bit if you want some really advanced instruction but if you can spare the time and funds it is well worth it!


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You got it! Actually any kind of dancing - before an illness took me out of the game we did ballroom dancing (neither of us are particularly graceful, but we did a floor-clearing samba at a wedding once - a very fond memory), we also did line dancing. All good fun and good exercise and something we did just for us. My husband signed on as a good sport but ended up having as much or more fun than I did. We took classes at the local adult education center -- very laid-back, inexpensive -- everyone just looking for some fun and surprisingly, we learned a lot!

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This is how my husband and I met.
We stopped dancing after we got married.
Unfortunately, he can't dance worth a darn. He can't feel the beat and can't count and can't really follow the steps. We have found other things to do together besides dancing.
But it's a fun thing to do.
Maybe we can go back to it sometime.


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