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sewcrazynurseJune 13, 2003

does anyone else have the in laws form hell? I could really use some stories right now to put my recent nightmare in to perspective.

I invited my mother in law and sister in law on an all day shopping trip it was a big mistake.

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Your post was kind of vague.

But in the immortal words of Popeye (or was it Olive Oil?) I yam what I yam.

And they is what they is.

And with all my inlaws, as well as my own parents, once I realized that they have their "ways", and accepted it as a fact, then a weekend together is much more enjoyable. There is really no right-or-wrong in the big scheme of things, just how miserable you want to be for the sake of being right.

To take it a step further, I certainly have my own less-than-endearing qualities, so I should not be too critical of the foibles of my relatives and loved-ones.

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I don't really care about who is right or wronge. After all that is decided on by what perspective you have. I just wish they were more open minded and less money oriented. That's all.

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If you're as vague with them as you have been here, misunderstandings can happen.

Best of luck in your life's journey!

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I wasn't sure how much to post with out looking like a cry baby. See I suffer from depression and when I am low all I do is cry and whine to anyone who will listen. So I'm trying not to look like that pathetic creature.

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This is the best place to cry and whine - go look at my post on the Stepfamilies forum, entitled "what to do about troublesome family members", dated sometime in April (probably you could just run a search on my screen name).

After I posted that, the whole situation has become totally not an issue, not because anything changed, but because I got it off my chest. Before the Internet, I used to keep journals to get things off my chest and then move on, but this is even better - it's a journal that talks back!

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last week MIL called and said she wanted to come in with her daughter and SIL to go camping, she was told not a good time,it was before payday, boat motor was being repaired, just not a good time. Later that day here they were-the live 4 hrs away- brought the dog tied it out back where it barked all day. MIL said she would take care of the camping, so we loaded stuff up in the truck, they (I had to work) took off and was home the next day. MIL didn't have the money for camping fee or for groc. they took little out of the house. then MIL went to her sister's house w/her daughter, SIL went fishing w/my husband. I went to bed (dog still barking) and everyone eventually drifted back in...only the MIL went to the car to sleep. Husband came in with me, and the daughter and her husband went to the camper... Just a bunch of nuts. everytime they come in it's nothing but chaos and confusion.Told husband that they were not wrapped too tight and he didn't say a word.....


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I'm afraid I have just the opposite. My MIL and I are best friends and I love her to death. I'm very lucky indeed. I hope I'm half the MIL to my DIL's someday.

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Boy, I wish. My MIL is nice and we get along, but I'm just not as comfortable around her. She puts up that wall, though - she doesn't really allow herself to get close to anyone, for some reason. I laugh about this now, but I was thinking, we're both Scorpios and I think that's why she gets on my nerves sometimes! LOL I'm 7 months pregnant and sometimes just not in the mood for it, you know? She'll ask me things and when I answer, disagree with me, only to agree with my DH when he says the exact same thing. It's like she's not even listening when I speak half the time. I tell her things in what I think is confidence and then she goes and tells FIL, who "lectures" me about it the next day. Once before DH and I were married, FMIL and I were discussing "The Pill" as birth control, and she went and told FIL about it - who then proceeded to address the issue at the DINNER TABLE at a RESTAURANT! Go figure. Thank God we live 6 hours away. ; )

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Well my FIL had passed away before I came into the picture. My MIL told me on my wedding day that she had nothing against me but no woman would be good enough for her son. I tried being as civil as I could through the years with her. She has never been nice to me. So I have as little interaction as possible with her. I wont subject myself to it anymore. As I dont deserve it.

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