Why is my tummy bulging? I look like I'm pregnant!

maggieNovember 16, 2001

Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and peri-menopause. Why in the world does my stomach look like a watermelon when I've always had a very flat stomach? I've not had weight gain - just the bulging stomach. What is the medical cause of this? Thanks for your responses!

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It could just be bloating. You might want to have it checked out, though, to rule out anything else. I have more constant bloating since my peri. stage.

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I, too, have experience a bloated sensation and the feeling that I am going to explode out of my jeans. It is most unpleasant. Then it seems to go away for a bit. Then it returns. It feels like a cycle to me, and it surprised me because I thought that when the periods ended, I would not experience those monthly "things". I feel like itis staying for a spell now, just a big darned tummy. It is not fun!

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I don't know what caused it, but it's not uncommon during this time of our lives! I get the same thing, and I'm not overweight. I've identified a couple of things that trigger it (dairy products for instance) but there generally seems no rhyme or reason to it.

It is annoying! I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, all the bells & whistles. I plan on wearing very stretchy pants and a baggy shirt...


Here is a link that might be useful: other meno stuff

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Maggie, if you haven't been to the gyno lately, go and make sure that you don't have fibroids. Your uterus could be enlarged because of that.

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I'm in menopause; haven't gotten a period in 3 months; my stomach is getting a bulge I don't like. I'm reasonably certain I'm not pregnant. Does menopause cause bulging stomachs, and what can I do?

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My mom started menopause a quite few years back (mid 40's I believe) and since then has developed a pregnant like tummy. The more I think about it and the more she ages, the more it worries me.
Her whole life she was super skinny. Unlike me and most women these days, she always had to GAIN weight, not loose it. She went from (about) a size 8 waist to a size 14. Now, she still has a skinny (size 8) face, arms, and legs... and therefore the "out of nowhere" tummy is even more scary.
As much as I ask her to see a doc, she refuses (she hates doc's). I tried looking info up online but all I keep coming up with is "gas" or "cancer". I'm extremely worried, and don't know what to do. I mean, even if I got her to go to a doc, our doc's really don't seem to know what they are doing. They continuously mis-diagnose my family and I, and therefore we only go in extreme cases, cause we seem to know better than them.
There is nothing worse than feeling that you know more than your doctor...

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lovinglyworried, is your doc a gynocologist? I wouldn't DARE going to a family doc for Female Problems. Especially men, they may try, but they just can't understand women. She needs to go, start having mammograms too... most of the bad things start happening around menopause. Not every problem needs to be diagnosed by a doctor, but it's good to find a good one who can start continual care...
Tell her she's being JUST LIKE A MAN. :D
I have a wonderful gyno who doesn't just offer HRT's... in fact, when she decided I was in perimenopause, her first words were, "I am not going to offer HRT's unless you feel that you want them". :D She's a good one to discuss herbs with.
There ARE good docs out there, but like other things in life, you have to put the work into finding them. If you give up, you are not taking control of your own health care... basically treating your body like 'whatever'. If you don't care about yourself, that's fine, but in the case of your mother... she's got other people to think about.

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As for the docs we see, its a medical center full of em. We only go to that particular center so to answer you Q, yes and no. We see our general doc there as well as our gyno. Our gyno is infact a man, I've tried to see a woman before but she wasn't as gentle. I was told that most female gynos aren't infact gentle because they know what it feels like and men dont (so are more sympathetic).
I'll talk to her about going for a checkup, as she hasnt been to one in years. I'll keep you posted.
Thank you for your reply, I greatly appreciate it.

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My super thin friend developed a bloated tummy and tried exercise and diet to no avail. She finally saw her doctor, and 5 years later she has died from ovarian cancer. It will not be cancer in most people but it's always best to rule it out.

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PLEASE check for FIBROIDS. They do cause these syptoms, because I had them. :) Arum

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It could definitely be fibroids. I didn't exactly look pregnant but my stomach got thicker and thicker and I had no idea it was because of a 10cm fibroid. In my case it shrunk considerably following a UFE treatment of the fibroid. It has actually become quite flat since I started exercising 5x a week and lost 12 lbs. A balance/stability ball routine is the best exercise I've ever found for the stomach and the rest of the torso. I think like any other part of the body it kind of deteriorates with age if you don't exercise it.

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I agree about being checked out for fibroids. My best friend (47 years old) just thought she was getting a bit pudgy as she aged. She had no other symptoms but a thickening waist. Once diagnosed, she had to go through major surgery to remove them and, unfortunately, it now looks like they are growing again. This is a serious condition.

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A thickening waist and middle waist fat gain is pretty much par for menopause.
However, I've heard and read many times, that if the "lower" abdomen is involved, it is most definately a sign for concern.

During this time of life, it is always wise to pay attention to any changes/aches/pains, as it is our bodies telling us something is out of whack, especially when the problem persists and most definately if it becomes worse, or you could end up in an emergency situation.

My input is not to make you afraid of any subtle changes, because there are many, but we are older and should be more wise in realizing we are more vunerable healthwise now. Us ladies have long lives ahead if we play it smart. :)

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In early perimenopause I was walking across the room one day and literally all of the sudden I felt my lower stomach "let go" and sort of pooch down. It was pretty disconcerting! My stomach was always the last place to gain and the only part of me that wasn't....curvaceous:) So this is sort of upsetting! My (limited) understanding is that as estrogen depletes it affects muscle tone negatively resulting in the extra poochiness of the stomach. That said I would follow the above advice and still discuss it with your doctor.

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Smiley's post says volumes!
My younger sister was plagued with an unusually distended 'gut'...she, too, was diagnosed with OC...battling it for the second time in just 6 years.
It's better to be safe than sorry.

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Thank you for scaring me into going to my gyno. I go every year, but this yr I'm afraid. I have gained 30lbs since last year. I am 45 and so I think I am coming up on menopause. I have been diag as having depression. I have lost so much youthful, constructive energy. I am 5"1 and weigh 135(all stomach fat). I have gone from size 6 to size 12. I can't stand to look at myself. My self esteem has hit rock bottom. I have had many people ask me if I'm pregnant. My diet is not the best, but not the worst, either. However, because of my unexpl. weight gain, I sleep more, am tired more and I want to eat more, with less metabolism. Is there anybody out there that can help me? I really need a "motivator". Thank You. I hope I found this web site for a good reason.

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Hi, bgirl, I can sympathize! I too have put on weight this year. I start writing my caloires down and by noon when I hit 1000, I give up. What I know is that you take your weight and multiply it by 11, that is the calories you are eating everyday to sustain your weight. Now take the number you want to be and multiply it by 11, use guessed it, thats the number you have eat to loose that weight and stay there. Of course if you are depressed and eating your emotions like I do well then, thats a spiritual or at the very least a therapy diet! If I sound flip , believe me, I dont mean to be. I see a therapist weekly since last December. My anxiety level is high on most days, and yup thats when I eat the carbs and sugar. Doesnt have to be an hour walk. Start with 10 minutes. Little steps. I feel for you. It isnt hard to put on 30 lbs. Start slow. Let us know how you are doing.

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I can definitely sympathize. I've been trying to walk every day. The anxiety drives me crazy, and drives me to eat as well. I was never happy about my body anyway, but this makes it worse. I'm glad this forum is here; makes me feel like I'm not alone, and bgirl you are among friends here.

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Hi everyone, I got off Wellbutrin XL probably 4 months ago after 5 years of being on it. I didnt think it helped much, and I have a generalized anxiety disorder (thats what my therapists calls it, I call it life!) It did one thing for me, it kept the weight off me. I feel so bloated and full all the time now. Yes, I have been eating more, but now I am wandering if my body is reacting to not having anymore Wellbutrin XL, since my therapists isnt a Dr. he sent me to a psychiatrists to slowly get off of the drug. The shrink doesnt think it was the wellbutrin that was keeping me slim. Maybe it is the side effects of the menopause again?

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I am 48 and though not "diagnosed" as being in perimenopause, I have no doubt that I am.
I have found that if I eat to much bread or pasta, (more than 1 or 2 times a week)my tummy bulges and I look pregnant. My stomach has never been super flat, but it bulges even more than normal. (I have been the same size since HS, other than pregnancy) I find that I have the "munchies" more often than I ever have in my life.


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I'm 50 and my physician and gyno think I'm perimenopausal. I used to be very active, work out a lot and enjoy my life. In the past year I've just sort of ground to a halt. Lack of motivation and mental clarity, a bit of depression has me not wanting to do as much. I noticed that with my more sedentary lifestyle, I started carrying my weight differently. Definitely a widening of the waist, which is not something I want because I don't have much of an hourglass figure. I'm pretty much the same weight I've always been, but I seem to have more fat and less muscle. Just started Wellbutrin and I've been exercising regularly again during the last three weeks and I feel noticeably better. Less anxiety and sleeping better. I'm hoping I'll be able to whittle that waist back to where it was, but we'll have to see about that. I'd give up having my old waist size just to feel emotionally, mentally, and physically better.


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When you body changes as you pass thru those "happy daze" of menopause..and after..it changes in the way it handles fat intake. Instead of storing it here there and everywhere it tends to store it all deep in your abdomin...called deep fat.
Even skinny people end up looking pregnant! You really have to remove fat from your diet!!! Deep fat is very dangerous to your health.

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Deep FAT? I tried to google "deep fat" Can you give me another reference for that term. I am interested.

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Is it the same as viseral fat?

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Shotzy, I did a quick google, and it looks like there is a difference between subcutaneous fat (located under the skin) and visceral fat (located deep within the abdominal cavity surrounding the internal organs). Apparently some level of exericse can prevent additional accumulation of visceral fat, while extra exercise can decrease the amount of visceral fat. A sedentary lifestyle will contribute, especially for menopausal women, in the increase of visceral fat. An accumulation of visceral fat appears to be a real health concern, i.e. heart disease, insulin resistance, and other metabolic problems.


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Thanks for the info Tina. At almost 53, I keep going back to what they taught us in 8th grade health class, eat balanced meals and exercise. Wow, if I would have only listened.

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for the past 4 months or so my tummy has also grown to look like im pregnant I have had problems in the past.. just recently had paps and a female type ultrasound up inside... my hope was for the new dr on our finally received medical to do something anything ...

now this.... it looks like im 6 months or so pregant I have been noticing the past week sharp pains on my left side near what I suspect to be near one of my ovaries .

I want to go see a dr.. but every medical reason that should of been taken seriously found nothing and caused $$$$$$$$ balances due.....

I'm fit to be tied all around and now a new problem to I just ignore it or attempt and get no where??? most of my medical problems ive tried to resolve once the insurance kicked in almost a year ago.... I though we would never get health insurance to figure me out finally .. now that we do we might as well not have any... I'm at a loss.. it this an age thing (47) still having periods if you want to call wacky periods normal.... along with the whole kit a kabottal to go along with them... ( putting up with all of this for the past 8 years)

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jazs...I don't know if you've ever read any of the posts under "excruciating ovulation" or not, but that is what it sounds like to me. You said that the past 4 months or so that your belly has grown to look 6 months pregnant. Does that mean that it has been going on straight for 4 months?? If so, then maybe it's not just ovulation. The pain that you described is what I feel each month, and I too bloat to look 9 months pregnant. My stomach feels like it is going to explode. Not only that, but I literally feel like I am in labor and am about to give birth to a 10 lb baby. If your belly has been growing for 4 months straight, I would definately see a Dr. I know you said you are 47 and that you have wacky periods, but is it possible that you could be pregnant?? I have known of many people to be pregnant, and didn't find out until they were 5 or 6 months along. Also, I have known of 50yr old women getting pregnant and also not knowing because of their wacky periods. Sounds crazy, but ya never know. Please keep me posted on what you find out. I wish you well!!

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I too have this same problem... also have noticed pain on my left side and in one place as well as a heavy feeling... dr found nothing before the bloating started... im at a loss do i waste more $$ and get frusterated or what?

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Shotzy52, you're lucky that wellbutrin kept the weight off for you. I went on it a year ago and instantly gained 20 lbs. that have yet to come off.

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jazs...if this has been happening to you once a month for the past 4 months, then I would think it was ovulation. The pain and bloating you decribe sounds just like mine. I was diagnosed with IBS seven yrs ago, which makes me think that when I ovulate, it brings on my IBS. I definately know that mine is ovulation, but because it lasts so long, leads me to believe that it has got to be my IBS on top of it. I would try to keep a record of when it starts, and how long it lasts and then think about going to the Dr's.

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Ellie: I feel like I have the nonstop munchies, too. This may sound like a dumb question, but once you become post-menopausal, do the munchies, hot flashes, etc., stop?

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shotzy52 posted: "The shrink doesnt think it was the wellbutrin that was keeping me slim."

Your shrink is an idiot. There are even warnings in the Wellbutrin package inserts against prescribing to people who have been anorexic. Wellbutrin is often prescribed off label FOR weight loss for those who have not had success with conventional methods. Twenty-eight percent of people taking it lose 5lbs the first week and go on to lose more.

Here is a quick link: http://www.aphroditewomenshealth.com/news/20020315000435_health_news.shtml

Google "Wellbutrin and weight loss" for lots more info.

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New member here... I've been 3+ months without a period and definite hot flashes/night sweats. I've started taking 540mg of black cohosh, it seems to have helped some with my sleeping. In the meantime, my lower abdomen has gotten more pudgy (I've been overweight for years,but in the last year I've exercised like a fiend and lost 45 lbs) and have gained 10 lbs. back seems like overnight. Anyway, my biggest concern is my loss of interest in work or being able to focus very long. Is this just being lazy? Some days I feel like I can focus, but many days I just want to stare at the walls AND eat chocolate. I've been on Prozac for years, for anxiety, but really think its related to my cycle. I get (or used to) PMS and depressed, etc. but then improved once the period kicked in. Now, that I don't have a period I just get bloated and lethargic. Again, am I just feeling sorry for myself, or is this all part of meno? Would adding soy to my diet help? I'm 48.

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Hello all! I'm 47 definately going through the change and thought I'd tell you about my recent doctors appointment conerning MY bulging tummy! I'm having an ultrasound scheduled shortly because the bulge is directly under my boobs, mainly feeling pressure under my right breast. Looking at my profile in a mirror I look about 7 months pregnant because it's so high...no I'm not pregnant! I have a 21 year old daughter and 18 year old twin boys...that's it thank you! It's liver or gallbladder related I'm told. When the Estrogen disapears the liver is overworked, not a huge problem but an ultrasound will tell if it's more serious, gallstones for example. Also did you know that many women are misdiagnosed for menopause symptoms when it's Thydroid symptoms (Hypothyroidism) they're experiencing? Good idea to have that checked out. Black cohosh is toxic to the liver so please if you're in Menopause check with your doctor before taking! Can you tell I'm a nurse? Here's something I read on another site that was interesting! Believe it or not your fat cells are your menopausal helpers! They have the amazing capability of observing the first signs of declining estrogen levels so they activate more fat storage enzymes and increase their size so they will be able to produce estrogen. The bigger they become, the more they will be able to produce estrogen.

Studies have shown women with the largest fat cells produce 40% more estrogen than those with smaller fat cells. Your abdominal fat cells are more conducive to producing estrogen. These fat cells surround the liver and adrenal glands which lend a helping hand to produce estrogen.

The adrenal glands produce a form of testosterone, the liver produces the enzyme to convert the testosterone to estrogen and the fat cells surrounding the liver and adrenal glands promote the laboratory to get the job done. The result is more estrogen...expanding waistline! The docter suggests it's a good Idea to fast once in a 7 day period and no fried foods or anything that would additionally over work my over worked liver. After all this I'm still very excited about my new found freedom from menstral complaints..hated my periods! No more planning vacations around my period..no more asking family to check out my butt getting out of the car for little (accidents). I'd gladly except a bulge in my tummy and be proud of it! Not to say I'll do everything in my power to get rid of it of course! Good luck ladies and enjoy your journey!

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bud wi, do you really know what wellbutrin is for? Obiously ya don't. I take wellburin!! And i still gain weight. It's an anti-depressant. Well it also increases your sex drive.

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bud wi, my bad i just went to the website. hahaha.... sorry, anyways, with that med i have to work out to keep that weight down. and i work my butt off at it. And i'm just 22 years old. However, i do count my calories every day in a diet journal. i get about 1500 or less a day. And if i go over i don't get a sticker.

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Hi everyone-looking just like for a reason as to why I look like I am pregnant 6 mos. and I have gained only 6 lbs-difficult to lose too! I have been a size 6 forever (well since I lost 65 lbs 20 year ago) but now it is hard as heck to keep it under control since menopause ended.I also found a lot of other things wrong with me, constantly falling asleep even after 8 or so hours of sleep, dry skin which my lotions no longer stopped, brain fog (a problem when in last months of nursing school, especially at 54 for a new career!), zero sex drive for over a year,loss of almost all body hair and the hair on my head is thinning, very thin skin so that I now have blood blisters if I look at my skin wrong, etc. So, I went to Body Logic for a full assessment of my hormones, adrenal etc, and found that I am in adrenal fatigue and have very low to no testosterone, progesterone, and am also low on estrogen and hypothyroid.I just started Nutri System also as the doc put me on cortisol to deal with the adrenal issues and bio identical hormones for the lack of hormones etc.He said we may have to adjust them but I should be feeling better within a month or so. But even before the rest of me fell apart, I noticed a year ago that suddenly one day it seemed that my abdominus rectus muscles (the ones that normally can be lost after pregnancy) were caput!I have always had a flat stomach area and even though my weight was perfectly under control then (107 lbs) I still looked pregnant. Not water weight, not bloated, because I know that stuff and that was not what was going on!The doc has no explanation for this however. I wish I knew so badly because even if the rest of me gets back to normal, this will still be an issue.But for the rest of you with the symptoms I had, I suggest you go to a Body Logic center or read Suzanne Somers books or go to the Oprah site concerning after menopause what happens to you body and bio identical hormone replacement-really have read good things about it and hoping it does well for me.I had a hysterectomy (just the uterus) at 40, so it can't be fibroids for me(although that was part of the problem prior to the surgery), and had a pap anyway like I do every 2 years in case of cervical cancer. I'll still keep looking for answers.

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hi, in need answers, my tummy is big. i am 51 yrs old. my friends at work tell me that my face has a glow to it, what does that mean, they think that i am pregant. this happens to me everyday i go to work, someone comes to me ask me if i am pregant.

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Same here, I am so depressed. I am 50 years old and look like I am 8 months pregnant and when it gets near that time of the month whether I get my period or not, I look 9 months. I also have people asking me when I'm due or what am I having. I hate it. Can this be fixed and will it ever go away?

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This is about my mom....I'm worried about her. We went shopping and she showed me her tummy. She looks as if she is 10 months pregnant; she is about 5'2, seriously from breast to pelvic is her tummy ~ Hard as a Rock! She is on all sorts of medication due to fibromialga and sorts. However, I'm very concerned that this could be more. I've read all the post on here, however its a bit overwhelming. Does she just live with it? or Do I suggest she go to the doctor? What are Fibroids?

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To Yaya, I would suggest she go to a doctor. I just had a vaginal ultrasound a month ago due to having bad dizzy spells, nausea, etc...well my results were that I have fibroids on my uterus. They are non cancerous tumors but they indeed seem to effect you on a daily basis. I will be having my uterus removed on May 23rd. My belly too looks as though I am 6 months pregnant, I am not. I am only 33 and I have been having severe lower back pain and also 2 months ago I went through a catscan and mri because I was having horrendous left side abdominal pain. I am only hoping to feel better after this is all said and done.It can never hurt to have her get looked at, I know I am glad I did:)

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Thank God I found this site, however I am still a nervous wreck as to what is going on with me. A month ago I felt good and no bulging stomach. One day I went to take a shower and noticed my lower abdomen was bulging and rock hard. Next my upper abdomen started doing the same thing. I weigh the same (139) but it seems like all of it is now in my waist and big fat rolls there. Someone said the fat rolls are more obvious because they are getting pushed out by my rock hard swelling. I am also very tired all day and most of the evening. I started walking 4 miles a day to try and lose weight and also just to get my mind off this terrible bloating feeling. I am so depressed. I can't clean the house or anything because the swelling is so uncomfortable. I went to the doc last week about it. He told me to take Miralax (a powdered laxitive) and Gas-X. I did and it didn't do anything to help. Now I am going to see him again in 2 days. I am a wreck. I looked up ovarian cancer and the first obvious symptom is abodominal bloating, pressure and a feeling of heaviness. All of which I have. Fatigue is another symptom and I have that in spades. So I am a wreck and will continue to be until I find out what is going on. It doesn't help that I also have major anxiety disorder. The more I think about my stomach the more anxious I get and the worse it seems. Thanks for anyone who is listening out there. :(

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I feel for all of you. I am having the same problem with my tummy. I am a very skinny person. I weigh like 115, but my belly is the size of a pumpkin. I have been on exlax, metaucil and every other thing you can take. I don't know what to do! Can your stomach actually split open from being so large?

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same here any answer and help

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People!!!!!! Please see your doctor! I just got back from the hospital with sister....she has all those symptoms, and her diagnosis is ovarian cancer and colon cancer. They will do a biopsy Monday to determine the severity of it. So please....don't wait the last minute. And please pray for my sister's recovery. Thanks!

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Last year I had some major bloating issues and frequent urination along with spotting during intercourse and in between periods. My stomach bloated so much I looked pregnant and it was so tight and uncomfortable. I went to the doctor and was misdiagnosed for 2 weeks with "gallbladder issues" (ultrasound was fine) and "irritable bowel syndrome." I finally went back in tears and said do something because I know my body and something is wrong. They did a CT scan the next day and I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer. If you have these symptoms, tell your doctor you want a simple blood test to detect ovarian cancer. Its called a CA-125. They are not done at your regular pap smears.

Good luck and God bless!

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I have had the same thing, I am very tall, weigh 125 pounds. The last 4 month I have gained 15 pounds, and my tummy bulged out. I had a D&C 4 weeks ago,(I wasn`t pregnant) just bad heavy periods..... last week I woke up with a U.T.I, and the next day A yeast infection. Or so I thought, I have had tests done. I find out tomorrow what is wrong. I was told maybe ovarian cancer. I am very scared, and just want to know what is wrong. I know something is wrong. I know my body! Sometimes doctors miss things too- keep persistant

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I need to add my voice to this! My MIL started having the same problem, distended abdomen and firm, having to get larger pants. She DID go to her doctor and he told her it was stress! After several trips back he finally sent her to a GI specialist who immediately recognized that she had ascites (fluid built up in the abdomen) and sent her for a CT.

You know where I am going with this. Ovarian cancer, spread all through her abdomen.

Ladies, this is the most frequently missed/misdiagnosed cancer! Because not only we ladies try to blow off the symptoms, but so do our doctors. It took over 5 months before her doctor sent her to someone who was willing to consider something serious--and she had been having symptoms for a few months before she ever went to the doctor the first time. Hopefully this won't cost her her life; she is still getting chemo.

If you are having such symptoms, esp. if you are fatigued along with it, get to your doctor and don't quit until he figures it out! With luck it will be something minor, if not you may save your life.

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I just wanted to ask, is it possible to get pregnant after having your tubes tied for over 18 years? For the past (atleast) 4 weeks I wake up every morning nauseated. But just in the mornings normally. I am always tired and I have a bloating stomache like everyone is talking about, but I am gaining weight! Which is really upsetting me because I am on the atkins diet and have lost alot of weight on it. I was down to 179 then went on vacation and gained alot of weight (which I expected cause I went off my diet). I was up to 190. Now in the last month or so I am up to 210! And I am sticking to my diet. I might sneak a litle but not enought carbs that it should matter. Other symptoms I have are breast tenderness, fatigue, tightening and cramps in my stomach (this morning I had 1 so bad it brought tears to my eyes) and frequent urination. I also get my period still. 1 more thing I must add. My husband is also fixed and he is my only partner. This is really scarey to me. I am 44 years old and my baby is 18. Can anyone help PLEASE!

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I am menopausal and have all of sudden started all of the symptoms I've been reading about on this forum. Mine seemed to have occurred overnight so to speak, with the tummy bulge. I've never had a flat tummy since I had only child 17 yrs ago, but I look about 8 mths pregnant now. Did this happen all at once to you all or was it gradual?
I've gained a few pounds but mostly the same body weight and shape everywhere else. But not the stomach!!

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I have not had a peroid for 13 years, and all of a sudden I have this bloating stomach and increase in waistsize, my food intake is the same, I have always been kinda skinny, but not anymore, I do have copd, so exercising is only when I can breathe,

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Hello!Thank you so much for site and contributors! been reading every word...literally! 48 year old female..past two days stomach distended as if 8-9 mos pregnant! ironic(no not pregnant! (forgive if humorous,prefer lightness at present...
Never hypochondriac,overly health conscios. 5'4,avg weight very happily at 150 til 38..sixe 12 but flat stomach,firm hourglass,large natural 38DDD..spleasant..past 7-8 years size 14 175 avg..curvier,firmer,but still pleasant figure firmly..
january stopped alll rx meds..extremely depressed,anxious etc(legal,fiscal matters too) so drank alcohol 5-6 days week 3-4..yes very bad i know but was my self medicating.Ok so things better 3 weeks ago no alcohol,rx etc..had small pudge for first time,,related to excessive alcohol intake..so stopped..
On vacation..been eating alot lately.at most week..intent i believed was feeling better and had extreme appetite..so had fairly large bulge related to large food intake. PAST TWO DAYS,my abdomen is literally not pudge,round cupped full under breast exactly like a 30 year pregnant F about to deliver!
Found humour at first as so recent and have enjoyed 3 buffets in2 days etc. However after reading this site ive been educated and of course much more empathetic to every post female.my regards and blessings.
i thought food intake or taking pink laxative pills for past 4 days caused extended belly.(or the valium i took just recently).
I do believe many many theories,experiences all you gentle female( posters )readers took the time to express is an abundant help!
Thank you,grateful
PS.not pregnant .recent menstration last month.
also similarly fatigue anxiety depression etc..related those to recent fiscal and legal issues.
Please bewell all,seek medical assistance.*
(*also deferred employment, insurance cancelled)

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Found this thread two weeks ago, suffering all the symptoms you all described. I waited two full weeks to convince myself that it’s no fluke: the advice here totally worked for me. You are angels! So I’m writing to thank you all, and to add to the information of what worked for me.
In March I had my first non-normal period. Started out sputtery is how I’d characterize it. Then, time for the next one I started getting the bloat and pain, but nothing. It was seriously uncomfortable. I went from 125 to 133 with no change in working out or eating. I’d been 125-128 since my early 20’s.
But then the real fun began. I didn’t realize until afterwards how much of a morning fog had been creeping up on me. I’m not a morning person, so I attributed it to that. Then I thought the bowling ball head was from drinking wine the night before, even though I had only a glass which had never affected me before. And it didn’t get better during the day. Suddenly dizziness was added to the fuzziness. And I don’t mean physical so much as mental. Though I did find, especially when working with my horses, that I was unsteady on uneven terrain. Weak really.
I went down to Florida to surprise my father for Father’s Day. I was so sick I got up in the morning and sat on the couch and did nothing. My sister took care of me. Now, I have a farm and four horses, work for myself… I am a solo act and never sit still. I don’t even have TV. So I was sick! She gave me ibupropen which made me maybe thankfully 75% better. In my entire life I have taken so little of any of that kind of stuff, maybe to amount to half a bottle, that I only have it in my house because people have asked for it. And here I was living on it.
At first I looked to foods to reduce inflammation to get the tummy upset and pain down. No dairy. I already don’t do flour. (As an aside, my theory is that my increasing gluten intolerance is wrapped up in this.) Then I found explanations of what’s going on hormonally. Then I found this thread.
And MACA! I want to give every woman over 40 a bottle of it so they are prepared. On that couch on Monday I ordered a bottle from my phone and thanks to Amazon it arrived when I returned home Tuesday. How fast you think that wrapper came off?
I got Evening Primrose oil (so I don’t know if it’s just the maca but no I am not stopping one or the other to find out!) Magnesium, D3, Fish Oil, Coconut oil, and a probiotic.
And calcium. A few days into it one joint in one finger started aching. Then one toe. Then another finger. On Wednesday, one week into it. I didn’t take a thing. Back to the internet: calcium. My joints were relieved that very day, and all better within 48 hours. And that day off the bloat and pain in my low back and abdomen came back. I didn’t want to do anything, but I rode which took my mind off of it. (Just like menstrual cramps!) I continued taking everything but the calcium starting the next day and am experiencing no joint issues.
It’s been a full two weeks that I’ve been taking these heaven-sent helpers, and I feel like a billion bucks. I don’t feel or look like someone attached bowling balls to my middle and I’m back to my daily t-shirts, not looking for something blousy to cover the godawful bulge.
It pains me to think where I would be had I gone the doctor route. How many tests? What drugs? And I’d bet the farm I wouldn’t feel like I do now, certainly not yet because I’d still be driving from specialist to specialist, and most likely never. The thing that I read that made me dig my heels in was the connection between fibromyalgia and peri-menopause. And what women are put on to address it, not treating the cause. NO!
FYI I’m taking everything listed above in the AM and just maca and evening primrose at night. If I am near the cabinet and remember I take maca in the middle of the day I do. I have not experienced a racing heart as some a reported. My impression is that maybe those who have experienced it were younger and not using it for the symptoms we have? I may be wrong as I didn’t pay that much attention since it didn’t pertain to me, but that’s my impression. As for taking a day off once a week, I’m going to wait on that. I’m sure it’s a good idea, but my day off last week was not fun, so I’m going to give myself another full week or two before trying that. I want to feel well, and good! I didn’t realize how long this has been creeping up on me until I got myself back. Maca is the best $13 I ever spent. And boy have I saved my insurance company some bucks!
So thank you all for sharing your experiences and knowledge. Every woman needs to read this to be enlightened and prepared!

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