Why Would LH still be High After Menopause

cactuscatieNovember 12, 2009

Last year around this time I started to have post-menopausel spotting. The doctor took blood, did a biopsy, transvaginal ultrasound and D&C and hysteroscopy. Everything was normal.

Now a couple of weeks short of when this happened last year I am spotting again. I went back and looked at my blood work from last year. My FSH was 100.6 which is in the range for postmenopausal. My LH was 54.9 which is high for postmenopausal (range 5.0-52.3) and my Estradiol was less than 32. I have never been on HRTs.

Has anyone had this happen and I would also like to know if anyone has any ideas on why my LH would still be high after menopause. I try and read on the functions of the hormones but sometimes I think I just need someone to explain it to me.

Thanks for any replies. The spotting has me worried again.

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Don't worry about it. You didn't go through puberty in any specific order and your hormones were whacky then. On the other end, you go through menopause somewhat the same as puberty, and you will always produce some estrogen, just not as much as before Menopause.

I had major bleeding before I had a D&C and then nothing, until a few months later when I spotted a bit, then nothing and a bit more spotting. This went on for a little while until it stopped altogether.

The doctor has you checked out for any other possibility so, in my opinion just relax and let nature take it's course. Stress can make menopausal symptoms worse.

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I agree with oilpainter. Menopause doesn't just happen all at once. It can take years to be completely in menopause. As my OB/GYN says, even when we don't have periods, our hormones are still fluctuating and can continue to do so for sometimes 10 years.
I had a period 9 months after what I thought was the last one, and then I had one a year later. I still can tell that my hormones are fluctuating, 5 years after the last period.
Sounds like you are still spitting out a few eggs every once in awhile. I think the higher our FSH gets, the more it flogs our ovaries into putting something out, and you might still have a few eggs left that just needed a little prodding. :)

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