Mary FanelloNovember 26, 2001

Finally I have found a site that tells me I am not alone in this hell called menopause. I to have been experiencing severe bouts of dizziness couples with the internal heater that turns on when this happens (which as you all know, frightens the bloody wits out of you, especially when they happen with no apparent relation to what you may or may not have been doing). I have had them now for about 2 years off and on but now reading your stories I'll be a lot less apprehensive when it next happens. So roll on hot flushes and bright red face, bloated addomen, aches and pains in every joint of my overweight body and lets not forget about the sudden drying out of my skin and the grey hairs.

Thank you all for making me feel a lot less panicky about all of this, obviously, normal and natural happenings.

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I wouldn't have believed there are so many of us out there. I regularly think I am going crazy trying to make sense of the dizziness I feel. I am 44, been having mild to severe dizzy spells for nearly 6 years. ENT think it's an inner ear problem but I remain unconvinced snice I have no hearing problems, although some pulsatile tinnitus. My dizziness gets worse in the week before my period when I also feel faint and need to lie down until it passes. Also lots and lots of headaches and days when I feel like crap. Anyone else feel like this too?

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Christina: My mother starting having severe vertigo about 2 1/2 years ago. It became mild to moderate after about 1 year. She still struggles with it. Her ENT also said it came about from an inner ear infection. There is an organization called The Vestibular Disorders Association which is very helpful with their educational brochures on this problem. Check out the link below and I believe they can direct you to their website. Good Luck. I know there are now some therapies for this condition. Adrian

Here is a link that might be useful: Vestibular Disorders

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