Abrupt end of hot flashes/periods?

mooshieNovember 4, 2008

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I'd been having crazy hot flashes--6 to 10 an hour--for about two years, along with almost nonstop periods (on average, I was having my period 20 days a month; it came and went). All of a sudden this past month, no more hot flashes and no more period. This was VERY abrupt: one day I was in misery; the next day (and every day since), total relief! Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I'm 47 and have no money or health insurance, so I'm trying to deal with this life change on my own, but in the back of my mind I do wonder if it's menopause at all; maybe it's, you know, cancer or something. Does my experience sound typical of menopause?

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That seems like a lot of hot flashes so dress cooloer, drinke plenty of water. Unfortunately, hot flashes all seem to cycle where you think you aren't having them and they rare up. Hope all goes well. Deanna

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