Few points about male menopause

purehealthNovember 17, 2010

Menopause in elderly women or elderly female is a common issue, but men may also suffer from menopause, it is a physical condition wherein males may experience complex hormonal changes that may affect their sexual life, intimacy mood and temperament especially during their middle life. There are other temrs used to refer to male menopause such as andropause and viropause, This conditions starts with hormonal alterations and physiological chemical alterations that happens in all men usually during their 40s and 50s, however it is believed that it can occur during earlier ages from 35 years or even till 65.

The reason of occurrence of male menopause is to indicate the ending of the First Adulthood and make the man prepared for his Second Adulthood. Alteration in aphrodisiacal aspects of man can be initial indications. Hormonal changes significantly influences men who are experiencing male menopause, truncated level of hormones at early life are core to the alterations linked with male menopause. It may also have physical and psychological reactions because of hormonal variations throughout the month, same as in the case of PMS in women.

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