D&C experiences?

gina_in_flNovember 14, 2003

I'm "self-insured" (I don't work or have any ins.). I went to a doc Thursday morning, he got me an appointment for a D&C for Friday afternoon.

First off, is it usual for one to schedule it so quickly or should I just freak out?

He prescribed Provera, 10mg, 2x per day.

I just turned 53, been bleeding for 2 months --- heavier in the last two weeks. Last period before had to been over a year ago --- I can't remember it.

Anybody have any idea of the cost of a D&C? The hospital told me to expect at least $5,000 -- other quick checks on the net had costs around $2000 - 3000. Just looking for some affirmations.


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Did the doctor say why the D&C had to be done so quickly? Don't be afraid to see another doctor, or to call around and ask for approximate costs. (They're hard to find, though - it seems that few people shop around.)

Also, if the first doctor did tests, ask for the results. Test results are yours, and no one should charge you a thing for copies to take to a new doctor.

Whatever hospital you use, do speak with the social worker or other representative about help with payment. There are usually some programs in place for at least some of the costs.

Good luck. I know how it feels to be self-employed and without insurance. I did it for years.

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Turns out that Friday is his 'hospital day', guess that's why the next day D&C. Glad to report all is well, woke up right after the procedure with no pains, about one day of light spotting, and just a slight sore throat as a result of the anesthesia.

Several of the ladies that worked at the hospital use the same doc, and nobody had anything but praise for him. The hospital has some sort of policy that self-pays must come up with the money before anything gets done, and the $5K was a "guess" and I would get a refund after all was figured out.

To be honest -- even if I never get a penny back, it was well worth it not to be bleeding. Hopefully, he'll give me enough hormones or whatever so that I'll be rid of the periods forever.

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