pianful ovulation

louwho91November 15, 2006

Hello, I just want to tell you all what I have been going through and see if anybody else is going through it,, as I have read, i think there are some who know,

For a few years I have had this pain in my right side, one time it was a kidney stone, but after that, when I would go get it check out, it wouldn't be a stone, so they said it was ovulation. It would be so bad, i just couldn't function for a few hours, then about three months ago. I woke up at six in the morning with pain on both side, it lasted all day, until like 12 that night. It was when I was ovulating, so i didn't go to the er, because I have went so many times before, but this time was different. The bottom of my belly was so tender, I couldn't put no pressure on it at all. For the next three days, I had a lot of pain, I went to the Dr. got all the test and everything came back fine. The pain got better, but I still had some pain everyday. Well, my cycle is like 21 days, I am not for sure if that is normal, I thought it was suppose to be like 28 days. That is what it use to be. Well here it is three months later, and I have the pain on both sides again,It feels really heavy down there, and there is like a burning feeling also. I had my period like 11 days,ago.. is that normal, to start ovulating that soon. I know I am ovulating, because I have the clear discharge that I always get when I ovulate.

Ok sorry this is so long. I have anxiety and panic attack so in my mind I think its something a lot worst,even though the dr. said there is nothing wrong.. One more thing. I do have constipation, and that's new, I usually have IBS and have always had a lot of BM a day..

Ok, thanks,


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O by the way, I am only 34 years old.

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lou..make another appt with your dr. if h/she is a gp, ask for a referral to an obgyn...at least your anxiety will be resolved.

i had a shorter than 28 day cycle...and at 60 just had a d&c, fibroids again...

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