All aboard the heathy diet and exercise train!

lobsterbirdNovember 16, 2007

I could really use some support in getting motivated and staying motivated to improve my diet and exercise. I'm going on vacation starting tomorrow, but I will have the time and opportunity to walk and do some stretching exercises daily. I'll also be able to prepare some healthy meals since there will be more down time. I figure if I start with small changes, I can get into a groove without overwhelming myself. I want to work on creating a more healthy lifestyle, gaining proper nutrition habits that will help with mood, energy, and sleep. I wouldn't mind toning and building muscle, but I'd be happy if I just got moving! Also, I'd love to learn how others have changed their diet to cope with perimenopausal symptoms.

Anyone want to join me? We can check in for support and see how everyone's doing.


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Tina, I'm here to give you encouragement and support! :)

I have made changes to my diet over the last few months and it has drastically improved my peri-menopause symptom's. I'm also forcing myself to get to bed by 10:00 if it is at all possible. I am getting more rest, eating healthier by cutting out caffeine, processed foods and sweets, eating less red meat and more fish, eating more vegetables and fruits.

This has worked wonder's for me. I now have the energy to exercise again and to just start living my life normally once again. I just hope it lasts!!

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