How do you know when menopause is over/almost over?

shaknzmomNovember 18, 2008

How do you know when you're done with menopause? I'm 44 and have been in full blown meno for about 6-7 years. I've taken natural supplements to help me through things....and I've gained about 25 pounds. :( Tried and tried but haven't been able to lose any. About a month and a half ago I was terribly stressed ...and pretty much lost my appetite. I have now lost about 12 pounds. Even now that my anxiety has subsided and things are once again good my appetite hasn't really returned.

I'm wondering if this may be a sign that menopause is subsiding. I've never a big eater. However for the past few years, I was hungry all of the time...munched all day. Now that seems to have passed.

I stopped taking some of the supplements too so that could be part of it as well... Basically, I'm just wondering how you know when you're done or almost done??

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I was wondering the same thing. I haven't had a period for 18 months, been on HRT for a year.

I have my annual on Thursday; will ask my GYN then.

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When is menopause over? When you're dead!
Sorry 'bout that. I've been "going through" it for about 12 years now, and am still having problems.
I think some of our problems (including eating alot) is related to our serotonin dropping, so try to find other serotonin-raising things to do. Although I must admit, none of them is as fun as eating! :)

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According to my GYN, I'm post-menopausal. She gave me a reduced strength of HRT to see if my symptoms will stay away.

I still get confused about all this. If I'm finished with menopause, shouldn't I be finished with having hot flashes, etc.?

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My OB/GYN said that we can still have fluctuating hormones 10 years after we stop having periods. Isn't that sad?

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Does that mean I've got 8 more years of this???

Sad doesn't begin to cover it, catherinet (LOL).

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My periods just stopped about 18 months ago. I wish I'd have a hot flash, because I always feel cold.

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Started HRT 2 yrs ago after feeling delibitated from menopause...I was a mess...couldn't work...function...just took hold of my life.One day I just couldn't afford the expensive meds anymore since I wasn't working and Stopped meds after 15 mos. I was scared especially of the heavy bleeding startup.g again..I bleed profusely for years ...everyday..non stop..the HRT put it under control.I threw caution to the wind and Stopped meds ...almost 11,mos now. Just recently started flashes...just sweats...and of course depression since it never left me especially when my husband died 9 mos ago pancreatic cancer. Does menopause leave you....I don't think so but it does subside...I am having discharge lately...annoying... I pray everyday that Ivan get back the happy...joyful....healthy person I was...I know a lot has happened in last 3 yrs...but I need a break....hang on in gets better....

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MY test result came back and it is FHS=8, LH=2.5, E2=21. does that mean I am in pre-meno stage? I am 46 and having bad headaches.

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My husband and I have had this discussion allot. He heard menopause only last for one year. My response is after a year we quit talking about the demons that terroize us. Men don't understand. I guess that is why it is called MENopause.

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Hello all,
I hate to say this but I've had at least 7 years of pre/peri menopause symptoms and they're still going strong. I'm 53 and I haven't had a period for over 2 years and I genuinely thought the symptoms were going as I no longer have the hot flashes and some of the sex related symptoms have got better. However, the past few weeks have brought back headaches, dizziness, overwhelming tiredness(which oddly enough was how it all started!) and something called costachondritis? which is chest pain associated with imflammation. I went to A & E because I thought I was having a heart attack! My joints ache a lot yet I eat well, watch my weight and include lots of fish in my diet as I don't eat meat. I'm sure some of the symptoms never really go as I've read several different posts on this fantastic site from women in their sixties who still suffer. I envy those who get through this without any symptoms. For some of us, it seems to never end. This site keeps me sane when things get overwhelming.
Keep as well as you all can.

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