ecoli vaginal infection

sarah_caOctober 29, 2003

I was diagnosed with an ecoli vaginal infection. Does anyone

have any experience with this? I would like to avoid

antibiotics since I have had bad reactions to antibiotics in the past. I was told that I could try a medicated douche but this caused irritation after 6 days. I'd appreciate any information any one has regarding this issue.

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What does your doctor say? I'd follow his/her advice.

I would suggest a topical solution, not oral antibiotics. There are creams designed for bacterial infections that work well. They are antibiotic creams, though. I don't think you're going to be able to do much without antibiotics. Often bacterial infections take hold because the normal flora of the vagina are compromised somehow. Douching can do this, oral antibiotics can do this, as well.

Also, generalizing that you've had bad reactions to "antibiotics"...there are a lot of different kinds of antibiotics. You can be sensitive to one and not another. You'll need to tell the doctor exactly which you've had problems with in the past in order for him/her to avoid the one/s that have bothered you. But all antibiotics are not created equal, so don't assume you'll automatically have a problem with all of them.

I am not a doctor, but I've got a degree in microbiology and used to work as a lab tech in a health clinic where we saw tons of vaginal infections. I've also had my share of infections myself. The info I'm giving you is from my direct experience, my education, and my work experience, but I still think you should consult a doctor and not rely on advice from a discussion board.

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Thank you for your helpful advice. The doctor had suggested
using Cleocin 2%, an antibiotic cream however after using the
medicated douche for 6 days a day later the doctor took a
culture that came back normal. I'm wondering if the doctor
took the culture too soon because the symptoms seem to have

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It could be that it wasn't completly cleared up but you most likely reinfected yourself. The most common source of ecoli infections in the vagina are the bacteria that migrate from the anal area.

Tub baths instead of showers, especially if you are fond of long soaks is one source. Another is wearing tight jeans or other snug fitting clothing.

And of course......personal hygene. Be care how you wipe or wash yourself. Always wipe from the front to the back, NEVER from the back to the front.

Go see or call your doctor soon. The longer you wait the harder it is to clear it up.


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