tired all the time

maryjo24October 15, 2006

Hi gals,

Wondering if any of you are experiencing being tired all the time? I swear I could take a nap every day of the week!!! I never used to feel this way! Some of my friends in their late 40's like me feel the same way. It's really weird, I can take an hour nap or so on Saturday & Sunday but still go to sleep at night & sleep a good 7-8 hours with no problem. I take my vitamins each day (a multi vitamin, calcium, fish oil tab, garlic tab & a couple ester-C's) but still I'm dragging my butt. Anyone else going thru this???

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The only other times I was ever this tired were the times I was pregnant. I just feel whipped all the time, and I happen to be one of those "lucky" people who can NOT nap... I can lay down, but unless I'm wicked sick and taking med's I will not fall asleep... untile I go for 4-5 nights with insomnia... and then I'll get one good night of sleep and start all over.

The lack of sleep then causes me to have very vibrant headaches/migraines.

I hate my life most days lately. This best not take too many more years... I won't live through it!

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I thought my fatigue for many years was from having recovered from a bad flu and pneumonia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue......but in retrospect, I think it was "the change". I've talked to alot of people who get drop-to-the-floor fatigue during this time. I don't know why.
For me, I lost a couple years with the fatigue. Then I slowly starting doing better. I used caffeine like a medication. My best time was the a.m., so I'd take some caffeine, run my errands, and then just plan on being unproductive the rest of the day. Thank god I didn't have to work.
It only gets too frustrating to keep beating yourself to be something different than you are, for now.
Try to avoid sugar and processed carbs. Also try to get out in the sunshine (or clouds) every day. There might be some SAD kicking in now too.
I forget maryjo.....how old are you?
If the fatigue gets too bad, you could try something like Wellbutrin or Provigil. There are herbal supplements out there too, but I was a little hesitant to use those for energy.
Try to go with the flow, and accept that, for awhile, you just need more sleep. I'm sure it will improve for you.....but it might take a little time.

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Have you had a blood test? It could be anemia, a low hemoglobin count. I've had anemia on and off all my life. There are prescriptions that can help, as well as B vitamnins and iron.

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I am 49 years old. I work full time in the administrative office for a school district. I take all my vitamins & walk regularly. I am average build (size 10)& try to eat right. It's 9:15pm on a Thurs. night & I'm dog tired. I remember a time when I could stay up til midnight & work all day without a problem. I've had 1 period in a 10 month span. My blood work is perfect. Menopause please go away!!!!!!

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Well I hear you girls! I run home day care and love to garden. I am 47 years old and been feeling more and more tired for the last five years. This past year it had gotten so bad that I felt as if my thoughts were in a fog all the time, my memory(What memory? I can't remember! LOL) was getting so bad it frightened me. My grown Son's birthday came and went. I thought of it several times in the week prior and then on the day, forgot to call!! While I forgive myself for that, I spent days beating myself up over it! I was so worried about how tired I was that I was afraid that I shouldn't be looking after the little ones. And gardening. What gardening? I was so tired this year that I had to push myself to do just the basics. Anyway all of that is behind me now and can be for you too! Unfortunately this is a forum and you'll have to send me an e-mail so I can share more with you! carleychristine@hotmail.com

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anyone have sleep apnea? that can be a hidden factor.

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I have sleep apnea, but decided not to treat it. Didn't think I could make it through the titration test. Just the sleep study was traumatic enough for me.
I wonder if we develop sleep apnea in perimenopause?? There were times when my hormones were dropping, when the muscles in the back of my throat got very lax. It would come and go.
I think the bottom line is we're probably not supposed to live much longer, after our reproduction capabilities are gone. Plus......growing older, wearing out.......it just happens. Its how nature intended things. Sometimes I think we've gotten too used to thinking life is supposed to be perfect.......that we're supposed to feel like 20 year olds forever.
(I'm just as guilty as the next person).......

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Look into magnesium. Calcium is being pushed so heavily that some believe an imbalance is occuring and people aren't getting enough magnesium. It has a part in energy too. Just one part of the puzzle, though.
A lot of people are draining their adrenals too, which causes a lack of energy. Today's busy lifestyle is doing that to a lot of people, but the medical community doesn't do anything about it until they're about dead. The thyroid is treated in this case a lot of the time, but doesn't do much good if the adrenals aren't up to par since they affect the thyroid function. If you have adrenal fatigue, it can push you into an earlier and longer duration perimenopause phase. Not fun!

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I am 56 and have been in menopause for 6 years....I don't nap even though I usually don't sleep well (the menopause thing). I do take lots of vitamins and soy isoflavones for hot flashes, eat healthy most of the time and I exercise every day...I am not overweight...I think all these factors contribute to me having a lot of energy - much more than my friends that are younger or the same age.

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I'm 51 and recently started menopause. I feel so run down all the time; my shoulders and upper arms hurt, too.

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I just went to my nutritionist and she put me on Prolief progesterone cream, and it has really helped me a lot.
Just a thought.

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I am so tired. I exercise, eat well, sleep relatively well. I do have hypothiroidism which i take synthroid for. I'm gaining weight, i am not my self - please help

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Can I make ya a wee cuppa tea? Wanna join me today and watch an old black and white movie? I'm outta whack too and seeing a doctor next week.

I found this article linked below on your medication. You may want to net search more information on side effects. Don't be shy to talk to your doctor more and seek advice on other alternatives.

Let us know how things turn out.

The kettle is boiled - want that cuppa tea now?
I hope you feel better soon,

Here is a link that might be useful: One Woman's Experience with Synthroid

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Hello Everyone,
I have just signed up on here today, and have some experiences with menopause myself.

Yes I can definitely feel for everyone that is tired all the time during menopause, but that is what I am feeling as well even though I go to bed between 6-8 every night and get up really early to between 4-6 every morning and when I wake up I feel that I have not slept at all and need a nap a couple of hours after I woke up.

I am going to be 43 years old at the end of March, but I was forced into having menopause because two years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, but I am a survivor because it has been in remission for almost 2 years now( happy with that lol). I had the cancer for only 7 months, received 7 treatments of chemo, no radiations and absolutely no side effects from the chemo as I was actively walking everyday during chemo treatments. Had a total hysterectomy in July two years ago. Just a few months ago begin hormone therapy for symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats. but my night sweats was not that bad, but needed to have a fan on during the night like it was summertime.
A surprising symptom that I experienced just a few days ago during my menopause, I had menstrual like cramps, but I don't have my ovaries both are gone, no fallopian tubes, and no uterus. It felt like I was going to have my period, but it is not possible with me at all. This kinda scared me, only lasted a day with the cramps, will see my doctor next week on my routine checkup every 3 months.

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"I think the bottom line is we're probably not supposed to live much longer, after our reproduction capabilities are gone. Plus......growing older, wearing out.......it just happens. Its how nature intended things. Sometimes I think we've gotten too used to thinking life is supposed to be perfect.......that we're supposed to feel like 20 year olds forever. "
What a depressing thought! I disagree, respectfully.

I am in full Meno, since September 2012. I changed my diet back in early 2012 - eat way more leafy greens and fruit than I ever did - lost 53 pounds from my heaviest weight and can't remember when I had my last afternoon slumpfest.
Yes...things change. We have to make healthy changes to keep ourselves at optimal health for our age.

I don't do a multi-vitamin and I exercise at most twice a week. I am working to up my exercise and drop 30 more pounds.
I do supplements. I recommend Vit-D @ 2000IU, fish oil with EPA and DHA, and Slow FE. I take others things, but I think these I mention do the most to help brain fog, in my experience.

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I have experiencing that when I am under stress. I feel that I'm tired all the time. As we look into our daily lives, we need to ask ourselves how much time we actually spend being completely unproductive. Do you fall into the trap of assuming that your only purpose in life is to be productive? Discovering your individual bliss may include achievement, but the full, balanced range of your existence may include times where being lazy is just as appealing. Here are some ideas for enjoying totally free or inexpensive fun, all the while displaying a marked lack of productivity.

Here is a link that might be useful: finding bliss

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There has to be something out there to make me feel like i am bounding with energy, if anybody knows of anything please let me know, i am getting good sleeps very full 8 hours eating super health, no sugar, soy etc etc, but all of a sudden with this last few weeks feeling like very very tired and run down, i am 52 with no period for 8 months, is this perimenopause or menopause i have no idea, my mom passed away a few years ago so i honestly dont have anybody to ask.

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Hi Ladies,

One answer to your being tired could be thyroid problems. Have your doctor check your thyroid levels. I've personally had thyroid issues since 1978 and have been on medication since that time. All the females in my immediate family have been diagnoised with the condition as well.I hope you feel better soon.
Ivy 2003

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