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Colorado67October 16, 2013

I stumbled upon this forum from a web search of all things. I have a mouth ulcer and I have linked this to my crazy year of menopause. I was told at 45 that I am in menopause now? Well it seems I battled some of the common problems and they did get better, but my Mouth has seems to be having issues. Now I have what started off like a canker on the roof of my mouth, and now just is sort of a wound. The dentist has given my some sort of viral medicine, but the more I study about this, the more I find that hormones can come to play. I found a older post here with a similar issue. Does anyone have any history of this issue. I would appreciate all the input?

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During the last 4 months of my 'first year of no periods' I started getting mouth ulcers and they lasted another 2 months. So for almost half a year I had mouth ulcers. They cropped up often enough that the longest I went without any was maybe 2 weeks. Then they suddenly stopped as quickly as they had first appeared. I'm pretty sure it was just my body transitioning to the loss of estrogen because nothing in my lifestyle changed during those months.

I never took any medication because although I sometimes had up to 5 at a time, they always stayed pretty small, so I guess I just got used to the discomfort. I hope yours won't last too long or cause too much pain. If they do, I'm sure you could get some kind of treatment.

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