Chin Hair (unwanted)

Nanny Goat Look-a-likeOctober 10, 2001

I've begun to sprout unseemly chin hair. At first, it was just a few, easily tweezed. Now a whole crop is bursting forth, more than I'm willing to tweeze, besides I can't hardly see them anyway. Sure can feel them, though.

So, how do I get rid of the darned things? What's worked for you? I've tried electrolysis in the past and don't care to repeat it. If I don't do something soon, I'll be a....

Nanny Goat Look-a-like

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Don't worry about it - if *you* can hardly see them, for sure others can't so you won't look like a nanny goat.


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But if they are driving you to distraction, you can have them waxed, or wax them yourself at home. If they are dark, laser works well.

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Chin hairs have driven me to distraction for a long time, years even. A few months ago I started using Nair and am happy with the results. The hairs grow back but are not as stiff and sharp as when they grow back after tweezing. I need to use it about every two and a half weeks so it's not a time consuming thing. When I was tweezing, it was a daily chore and still I could feel new little pickers coming out all the time. There used to be a wonderful thread on this forum about chin hairs that would make me laugh every time I read it. I think it's gone now because so many new posts have been put up.

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Chin hair - also a problem for me, used a prescription drug called Vaniqa to slow hair growth, if I use it religiously morning and night, it slows hair growth so that I don't have to tweeze so often, maybe every five days instead of daily as in the past.

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Can't seem them, Huh? My 3 year old grandson told me,
"You have a BEARD, Nana. No; not there-under there."
Nair; hmm..I'll try that again. In 1963, in college, I spread Nair on my legs and waited the alloted time to remove it. Legs started burning so I put a bath towel over them. Then I removed the towel legs were bleeding.
I had dozens of blood droplets all over my legs.
Nice product.

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I did not find good luck with nair- it irritated my skin so badly that my face became swollened. Electrolysis or laser treatment (if you have dark hair/light skin) is the way to go.

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Hi Nanny........I think I would choose the most benign, permanent treatment. I'm not sure I would want to use an exfoliant much.........didn't they use that in Viet Nam??
So far (knock on wood), I just have one single stiff hair on my chin,,....have had it for years, but now it's grey. I just pluck it.......but I am developing "lanugo" all over my know, the soft white stuff you're covered with when you're born. I guess I am completing the circle!! Good luck, and let us know what ends up working the best for you.
Binkie (and others).....It's hard to focus on our insides......our essences, when we have all these strange distractions on our outsides.....but try to do that......try to focus on the beautiful person you are inside. I'm sure your grandchild notices that part of you even more than your "beard"!

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I used to laugh at my mom and my sisters plucking away at their chins while watching television. Well it is payback time. I have a small patch of stiff hairs on my chin that I pluck while watching tv. They usually show up about once a month right after my period.

Hate the darned things. When I get my eyebrows waxed a few times a year they do my chin as well. My teenaged nieces get a kick out of it and I say "You Just Wait" they will get their payback. LOL


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I have some very fine hairs on my chin. I shave them, just run a razor over my chin.

No hair, no muss, no fuss...AND I'm exfoliating at the same time.


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I started getting chin hairs about 7-8 months after giving birth via C-section to my last child and a tubal ligation. I was still nursing, but they showed up about the time of my first post-natal period/cycle.

They have been with me ever since, and that baby will turn 23 years old in two weeks.

I have tweezed and finger pulled them ever since. Now that I have "old lady" eyes, my husband actually helps me! LOL

I have to wear 300+ magnifiers, a magnifying mirror and a flashlight on the offending area and a pair of mirco-edge tweezers. I usally "go after" one to 6-8 hairs every day to every three days, in the evening when I do my personal hygiene regimes.

What I am noticing now is that my skin is getting tougher and the hairs sometimes are "trapped" and have a harder time breaking through. They will sometimes look like little blackheads or if they can't get out, they will become irritated and look like a little tiny pimple is starting. I have found that exfoilliating my chin area with a rough wash cloth more frequently prevents this from happening.

Recently, after my period, I am noticing a significant "drying" feeling on my face and have noticed it goes hand in hand with the some of the other symptoms too.

By the way, more than half of my "whiskers" are now gray.. or actually, pure white! It doesn't help at all, they still stick out, still show, still irritate and frustrate!

I do have a question.

Our cycles go through a follicle stimulating hormone time frame in order to "pop an egg". Do you think this is what stimulates our hair follicles to "spurt whiskers"? What about the pimples? Our oil glands are intricately involved with our hair follicles.. do you think it is the follicle stimulating hormones that "spur on" pimples to develop at our adult age? I have been known to have a pimple or two maybe three or four times a year on my face just before my period, and as soon as I finish the period, the pimple is all but gone.

Anyone know about this?

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This forum is under the topic of menopause. I am 32 and have a terrible problem with the hair! Does this mean I am beginning to go through menopause? How would I know? I have got a tube of the Vaniqua but still seem to have just as many hairs. It's so embarrasing its depressing. I worry about laser because I have heard sometimes of peoples chins becoming discolored and then they can't change the skin color back. I have dark hair with sort of a light olive tone skin.

Here is a link that might be useful: birds

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There are so many reasons for body hair.... I know, I have a mustache from having PCOS... I don't know how the two are related... ovarian cysts and body hair, but it is. You should speak with your doc about it. Could be a hormone imbalance.
I have a feeling if you were menopausal, you'd be having at least one of the other symptoms.

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it is thee worst!! i started plucking a few about 3 years ago. now, it's my whole chin. i have to hide in the bathroom in the morning..sitting in the sink so i can get closer to the mirrow. my boyfriend wonders what takes me so long! i worry about going camping or traveling where i can't get to my tweezers or close up mirror. i can't afford laser yet..but, it's in my future. i've tried vaniqua..but it seems to work for finer hairs. these super thick black tree trunks must be plucked out every morning. i'm happy to see i'm not the only 35 yr old with man hairs!

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It's parasites...the same thing that causes moles. Menopause is just a timing/term for toxic, parasitic overload...check out hemopause (iron overload). I vowed not to go through it, and I won't. It's an industrialization thing, and preventatble through detox and diet.

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I have PCOS and have some serious chin hair issues :(:( They are dark and coarse....just like a man's. I have to shave each day. Anyone tried Nair on this type of hair??

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Buy yourself an electric razor, a man's. That is what I use. If I pull them I get ingrown hairs that the doc said might cause an infection. After shaving, I follow up with a safety razor on my chin. I would never walk around with fuzz. When the light is just right anyone can see it and for me personal I find it very unattractive.

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If you are going to laser do it before the hairs turn grey or white. I waited too long and the dark hairs disappeared but I'm left plucking or shaving the white ones. I wish I had lasered years ago when they were all dark.

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I am going to be 60 in August but people don't believe me as i look 40 no lines, no wrinkes lovely skin, but I have chin Hairs and melasma the sympton of the menopause where your skin goes darker this has left me with a shadow on my top lip like a moustache, I hate it, it is costing mea fortune to cover it up, why does mother nature do these things to us ? I have been a widow for six years and just as a man finds me attractive and wants to take me out this happens, Damn Mother Nature. I pluck, mine are in growing sometimes I am mixed race but from the carribean and the white ones lol.

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