Medical Study! :)

mushOctober 29, 2004

Subject: Medical Study


>A study conducted by UCLA's Department of Psychiatry has revealed that the

>kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where

>she is in her menstrual cycle. For instance, if she is ovulating she is

>attracted to men with rugged and masculine features. However, if she is

>menstruating or menopausal, she is more prone to be attracted to a man with

>scissors lodged in his temple and a bat jammed up his @$$ while he is on

>fire. Further studies are expected.

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Thanks for bringing a smile to my morning!!! LOL :)

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Hey, that's a good one! LOL!!!

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oh thank you, I needed a good laugh

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I've sent this to bunches of women and the all love it. Thanks for posting it.

    Bookmark   November 10, 2004 at 4:57PM
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Best. Joke. Ever.

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