So tired of bleeding

dzejnaOctober 8, 2012

Hi all, glad i found this part of the forum, just venting a little, since there is nothing else I can do. :) I am 46 and in perimenopause I assume, since my PCP and GYN have no other explanation. I was little desperate trying to find and advice on what to do to stop heavy bleeding. Its going on for a month now and nothing seems to be helping. I left a message with my GYN and hope she calls back soon. I just barely survived another year fighting this heavy prolonged bleeding and finally got to a point of Im desperate looking for anything that might stop this bleeding because my docs sure dont seem to help. Anyone has any advice? I also suffer from palpitations, bodyaches, heaviness in shoulders and armpit that dont let me sleep, and anxiety since i worry this wont end up well.

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Be careful with the bleeding. My Sister just found out that she has severe anemia due to heavy prolonged periods. Hopefully your Doctor is checking iron levels. My sister has a uterine ablation last week to stop bleeding, I am not sure yet if this has resolved the bleeding.. I am sorry to hear about all the issues you are having. Are you taking anything for the anxiety or sleep?? What is your age??

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Hi there, thanks for reply. Yeah I was also advised to do ablation but after doc told me this might still return I decided against it, including hysterectomy. I am 46, had one bad episode of hospitalization alreday, due to prolonged heavy bleeding, but it stopped after that, I wish I knew why. Now it seems its happening again, it's been a month and I am starting to feel dizzy and short of breath, sure sign Im getting anemic again (and I just had a nice check up just before I started bleeding again, and my iron was normal!. Here we go for another round. :P Thanks for the heads up, hope your sister is feeling better and that ablation worked for her. hugs

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Novasure ablation. It was a godsend and I haven't bled since. I can't recommend it enough. My life has changed for the better. I can live again.

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I also had a life changing positive response to Novasure ablation.

I always had heavy periods with a lot of cramping but when I hit 42 or so they doubled in intensity. 800mg ibuprofen no longer worked at all. I was dizzy, nauseated, had migraines and was bleeding so badly I could barely leave the house. I was also having severe brain fog. Frankly I can barely remember 2009 & 2010.

I had the Novasure ablation in Dec of 2010 and while I still have some cramping and spotting several times a year it is a 80% improvement at least.

I would recommend it to anyone.

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OMG buyorsell we went through the ordeal at the same time/same years of hell and my surgery was Dec 2010 too! And the surgery was nothing! When I got home I took an Ibuprofen and I never needed another one! Seriously it's just not worth going through years of agony. I'll tell anyone who'll listen.

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HOw is everybody doing now? I am into my 3rd week of having my period and sceduled for an US thursday I am 47 and just freaked out because this is the first long period i have ever had.

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Hi Lisa, that sure sounds like a long one, maybe you are having hormonal changes like i do, they start out of the blue. My advice? Don;t wait too long especialy if its a heavy bleeding. I bled for 2 years, on and off but ended up in the ER finally, having become anemic and almost bleeding to death. I was even scheduled for hysterectomy, it was that bad but finally my doc placed me on Sprintec 28 birth control pills and that stopped my awful, anemia causing bleeding. I hope you feel better soon, feel free to vent anytime. :)

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Bleeding 25 out of 37 days. I've been to the hospital and my Iron is fine. The doctor put me on some meds to stop the bleeding, then on an overdose of the pill and finally something to reboot my cycle. It didn't work. I've lived my life without any glitches with my period. This is now affecting my job and my day to day life. I don't know what to do...Do I go back to the hospital? I have night sweats, sore back, sore belly, upset stomach, muscle spasms, mood swings, full bladder feeling. Pad change every hour.

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Sounds like every symptom I have been through. :( I never ever had any trouble with my periods either, then suddenly, boom! Everything went downhill, but at least now, 3 years later, I am on Sprintec birth control and the horrible bleeding has stopped (funny because when they intially did high doses of it, that didn't work). Unfortunatelly, after years of uncontrolled on and off bleeding, I am also terribly anemic now and it is very hard to get my iron back up.
Do you have OB/GYN? If not, find one, you need some workup if you already didn't do so, ultrasound to see if there is a polyp/fibroid causing your bleeding or so. Was your PAP normal?

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OH MY, 3 years later!!! I don't think that I can handle it that long. I don't have a family doctor let alone an OB/GYN and I live in an isolated community and have to go to the emergency room for treatment. They did blood work and did an exam and were suppose to schedule an ultra sound but haven't heard back yet. There was too much bleeding for a PAP at that time also. I may have to go back again if this doesn't stop soon. I'm on day 8 after a 4 day break.
I feel like I'm under house arrest. Can't go anywhere for more than an hour, and don't dare sneeze or cough without being seated on the toilet.
Would a hysterectomy put an end to this? I can put up with all the other side effects, I just can't stand being "stuck or held down".

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Don't rush with hysterectomy, depends on your age too, how old are you? Many benefited from Novasure ablation which is much easier than hysterectomy, but it's definitely too early to tell. You really need a regular doctor to take care of you. :( It could be hormonal changes, stress, infection, polyps, fibroids..maybe even premenopause if you are in that age. If you start feeling fraint, short of breath, go back to ER. Also if that bleeding doesn't stop in week or so, go back and ask for that ultrasound. Hope this helps, sorry if I scared you. It's been an ordeal for me as well for sure. If nothing helps ask the ER to place you on Megace(megestrol). That thing stopped my bleeding.

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I am 47 and have been having premenopause/menopause symptoms for 5 years now. I started my period at 10 years, 2 days old, so doctor said I am in the proper age bracket for the change of life. With the check up I got at the emerg., the doctor says that I am as healthy as a horse.
Like I said the only thing that is a real pain is this excessive, non stop bleeding. I feel totally chained to the house and it's putting a real damper on the sex life.

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I am almost 47 so yeah, sounds like the same thing. I would recommend taking a good multivitamin with iron daily, eat wll and drink plenty of water. You will just have to make sure you don't dehydrate. Again bear with it for one week more or so but then go back to ER and ask for a way to stop the bleeding (Novasure ablation, Megace pills). Don't wait like I did, now I can't get my iron back up at all, which caused a sleuth of other issues. :( Good luck!

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I recommend an ablation also. It's such a simple outpatient procedure compared to major surgery like a hysterectomy. I was 38 when I had one due to prolonged bleeding with occasional heavy flooding and clots. I am 49 now and in menopause. Even though they said that I might need another ablation after 5 years, I never did. It saved my sanity, and that is in spite of the fact that I am terrified of medical procedures.

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