can you believe the nerve of prem-pro?!!?

chery2October 2, 2004

The first time I heard the commercial, I couldn't believe it. PREM-PRO, the big villain, the one causing strokes in so many, now want us to take a reduced dose? Geez Louise! They must be desperate to recoup their losses from all the lawsuits.

I'm 54 and took Premarin after total hysterectomy 10 years ago until recently. First, the doctor reduced the mgs; then I spent a weekend with a friend my age who'd been on PP and had a stroke. I didn't take another dose.

Drug stores have a generic of ESTAFIN that costs lots less. Ingredients the same. Ask pharmacist. Mainly soy. My hot flashes are bad, but I'll tough them out if I know there is an end to them. Took the CVS version of ESTAFIN for 2 weeks. No noticeable difference yet. chery-va

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I think everyone should just tough it out, our Moms and Grandmothers did. Any herbal remedies that relieves the symptoms are just as dangerous as the prescriptions. Also there was a medical report in our local paper that the herbal hormone treatments are also blood thinners and very dangerous if taken with other blood thinners, aspirin, etc..

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