Am I perimenopausal?

jodi.beaOctober 23, 2012

I am only 35 but seem to be having symptoms. I will have a sudden feelingng, almost like a huge adrenaline rush, start at my sternum and move up to my head. It takes my breath away and I feel like I'm going to pass out, or worse, just drop dead. Afterward, I feel very weak and shaky and completely wiped out. I get pressure in my head and ears and tinnitus that drives me crazy, several times a day now. My breasts sometimes feel like they did when I was lactating, like the glands are swollen and full. I will get pains in the side of my neck and throat. Occasionally it feels like a thousand burning needles are being stuck in my neck and outer ears. My heart will race for no reason and I'll have short sharp pains all over my chest and in my upper arms. I have had several EKG's, an echocardiogram, abdominal sonogram and more labs done than I can count...and they keep telling me nothing's wrong. I think they think I'm crazy and I don't know what to do anymore. I am hoping this is the problem so that I at least know what is going on with me. I don't have the night sweats, insomnia, nausea, or get red in the face so Im just not sure. Any response to this would be greatly appreciated!

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Even though you are only 35 they say that Peri-menopausal symptoms can start as early as 15 years prior to the actual on set of it. My 30's were the worst. That is when all hell broke loose for me and now i chalk it up to hormones and peri symptoms. Many of your symptoms now are exactly what i am going through.. the adrenaline rushes, feeling as if you are going to pass out, shakiness. I remember in my 30's(i am 49 now)my breasts felt just like you described. They felt huge and painful and times. You can go to your OBGYN and get tested to find out for sure. Best of luck to you...

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