Childless, not by choice.

dpbOctober 30, 2001

I didn't know where else to post this. I was wondering if there are any women out there who are childless, not by choice. I had to have a hysterectomy when I was 36 yrs. old, not married. I'd like to be able to fellowship with other women who are in my situation. I'm now 44, a step-mother of wonderful adult children (only married 5 years so I've not had them their entire lives) Anyone out there?

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Try this site, there are forums there for everyone, I'm sure there is one that will suit your needs. The site is click on boards...don't let the site name fool you, there are boards for every subject possible. Good Luck, and I'm sorry you couldn't have the children you wanted. Sonya

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Just wanted to say, I'm childless not by choice, but because I didn't ovulate properly. I would have probably had to have taken fertility drugs to get pregnant. By time I found this out I was in my mid 30's and really didn't want to start a family then. I began peri-menopause at 38.
Sometimes I wonder what will happen to my husband and I when we get old and he said the state would put us in a nursing home just like our kids would if we had any.
It isn't the worst thing. And in this day and time,
when I believe Jesus is coming soon, but probably not before things get worse (like Sept. llth and Anthrax) it is better not to have little ones, the Bible says that.
We have 5 cats instead, all inside, so I am kept plenty busy. They are much like children. With adult step-children you may one day have step-grandchildren.
Don't worry to much about it. I do have that lonesome,
empty feeling sometimes until I hear some child screaming
in the store "Mommy, I want that.", and there is no
relief unless the toy is bought or the kid leaves the store.

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