Muscle pain, funny feeling, hand and foot pain

purpleskyOctober 21, 2009

Hello everyone-

I found this wonderful forum searching the web to see if anyone is experiencing muscle, joint, or bone pain during perimenopause or menopause. I am almost 50 with recent blood work confirming perimenopause. I feel so wierd inside though. It is if I can feel my own blood flowing, but not a hot flash. My feet are becoming sore if I stand too long. My fingers seem to hurt (but I do type quite a bit). This is the first month that my cycle has been out of the ordinary, but I have an overall feeling of "wierd" as if my body isn't mine anymore. Any input is appreciated. Trying to stay healthy!

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Hi purplesky i too have joint pain mostly in my legs like awful restlessness growing pains and i get pins and needles in my feet and hands and my shoulders ache , i have had blood tests done but they do not show up anything different with my hormones yet but my doc says im definatly peri , i have days when i feel totally weird and i feel like ive got some horrible disease even tho i probably havent its amazing what havoc hormones wreak on us ist it, i think its much more confusing to gauge where your at with the monthly cycle thing and symptoms when youve had a full hysterectomy like i have because of the absence of periods you know what im mean , the doctor reckons its difficult to get anything from the blood in peri that indicates a positive result because bloods nearly always show up normal LH and FSH even though most of the time its actually altered , the symtoms dont seem to have any fixed pattern really and are quite changable do you find that

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Hi Everyone This is my first time doing this so please bear with me .I am having everything you have described and lots more.My legs and arms hurt so bad I thought I had the flu but then it will all of a sudden it will go away.The feeling of something is wrong is awfull unless you have had it you cant understand.I havent had a good nights sleep in years .I know its perimenopause because I saw a Dr. This site has been a life saver because everytime I have something new I look to see if anyone else has it and so far I have found every symtom. Thanks Ladies for sharing It really does help to know I am not alone.

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Thanks beauty and kathy for responding. I had stopped all of my vitamins to see if I could get a better "feel" for my body. I have since added back magnesium by itself in 250 mg dosage; one in the morning and one in the evening. I also started taking warm baths with Epsom salt to try and "calm" my body down. Talk soon -

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Hi kathyb50 how ru ? hope your ok im not 2 bad at mo legs have stopped aching as bad for a few days now but the waking up every couple of hours in the night has returned and the chest problems ive been haviing are slightly easier today my shoulder and arm have stopped aching as much ,i 2 take magnesium n calcium once a day tho not twice and i take a 1000 mg of primrose oil everyday thats meant to help with the joint aches cod liver oil is great for aching joints also u could give that a try

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Hi beauty2009
I am much better thanks for asking.I am also having trouble staying asleep at nite .I did not know primrose oil was good for joint aches. I will have to try it .It is so nice to have someone to talk to who knows what Iam going through.My ex doctor gave me 5 different perscriptions all were anti depressents.I decided then that they didnt know what they were doing and from what i have read on this forum i believe i was right .I did not take the pills instead i found me a new doctor and he is great he explained it to me and told me all my choices i am going to do it without hrt as long as i can hrt scares me Thanks for listening.

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