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blueheronOctober 23, 2001

I would like to recommend a book I just read, "The Wisdom of Menopause" by Dr. Christiane Northrup. She covers so many subjects related to menopause and suggests how to improve your health at this time by diet, exercise and vitamins. As I mentioned on another posting, I had been trying to lose the weight I gained after quitting smoking 5 years ago and couldn't seem to do it. I had carb cravings I couldn't control. Dr. Northrup shows how unhealthy unrefined carbs are for a woman and why it is important to reduce the consumption of them and eat fruits, veggies and protein. She also recommends vitamins and supplements to take. I have cut back on the carbs and am amazed that I have started to lose weight already. I also walk 40 min/day and feel wonderful. An excellent book. I got it out of the library, so you can read it and see if you like it without spending any money.

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