Any women dealing with low levels of testosterone?

kim0201October 28, 2006

I'm almost 50 & have been diagnosed as being smack dab in the middle to menopause. My doctor's office called recently to tell me the doctor would like to meet with me to discuss recent lab tests which indicate I have very low testosterone levels. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so, how is it being treated and have you noticed any change to your wellbeing? Thanks.

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On my last gyn visit, my testosterone was lower than normal, but my DHEA was very low, so she started me on a DHEA supplement and said that would likely get my testosterone level back up. Do NOT take DHEA without close physician supervision, though, because it can have negative effects if your level is too high. In fact, if I forget to have my level monitored, the doc's office calls to remind me. I feel okay, so I don't worry about the testosterone level, and I'm sure she'll check it again in a couple of months when I go see her.
Mrs H

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