CatKozOctober 8, 2003

I recently stopped taking Activella HRT because it made me feel bloated and "blah". Of course, the hot flashes are back.

For those of you taking soy isoflavones, would you please answe a couple of questions for me ?

(1) How may milligrams (mg) do you take every day ?

(2) How long did it take for you to notice an improvement in symptoms ?

(3) What brand of soy do you take ?

Thanks in advance for you help.


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cat, havent seen a lot of activity in this forum sorry to say. did your dr direct you to try this? i have seen over the counter meds for hot flashes etc. have you tried any of that? i was looking at them myself and in the vitamin and supplement area, they seem to have a whole selection of things to try. have not tried any yet though.

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Actually, I saw some discussion of it on the forum and thought I'd give it a try since I was dropping the HRT. I discussed it with my DR and she didn't have a problem with it, but she didn't make any recommendations, either.

I bought the Soy Isoflavones Costco carries (sorry; I forget the name). They're 50mg capsules. I've been taking 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening for about 3 weeks, and my nighttime hot flashes/nightsweats have decreased dramatically, so I guess it's working for me.

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Great for taking the soy isoflavones!!! I drink Soy milk with my breakfast. I love it - but some don't care for it. It tastes like cream to me. You need a couple of 8 oz a day min of soy milk and the isoflavones is probably cheaper. When I travel, I carry the isoflavones with me.


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I was the one that posted the dosage for the soy isoflavones from Costco - I take 2 twice a day - they have been wonderful for me. I rarely have hot flashes and no night sweats. I'm 53 and in my third year of menopause. Soy Isoflavones are a plant based estrogen. My doctor (Ob/GYN) told me to take as much as I wanted - he thought it was great!

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