If you had $50,000 to remodel your home....?

patti43February 5, 2013

If you suddenly won $50,000 in home improvements, what would you want to redo? I really like our little home, but I have to give this some thought. Most likely a large portion would go to the kitchen and baths. How about you?

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Definitely Kitchen, it's never had a redo in all the years we've been here!

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I would love to change out the broadloom in the bedrooms to hardwood. Also, I would like to add one of those step-in tubs for my mother to use when she visits. While it sounds like a lot of money, $50,000 doesn't actually go very far if you can't do the work yourself.

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First, I'd paint the walls. And then work on the floors. You'd be amazed how much that does. Then I'd reface cabinets in the kitchen and/or upgrade appliances. And a better tub. After that, seeing what had been done, would inspire the rest. If there was anything left!

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Tough question.

I'd probably: get a nice fancy shed for DH; replace the rest of my old windows with newer ones (and add a greenhouse window in the kitchen); New kitchen/hall floor (they're connected, have to be done at one time); retile bathroom floor. Perhaps upgrade the heater and AC.

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I do think some kitchen/bathroom upgrades. Definitely new 'heated' tile in both kitchen (our puppies would love that in the winter as that's where they sleep, and it is an upgrade we are planning this next couple of months anyway) and upstairs bathrooms.

Matching tile (to the kitchen) in the back porch.

Refinish the hardwood floors in the three rooms that have hardwood downstairs - someone painted over them! yuck!

Tear out and replace the false ceiling in my bedroom.

Add outdoor outlets and hydrants on all sides of the house!

Add some sort of dog washing facility in the basement.

And, if any money left over (because I wouldn't be doing major bath/kitchen upgrades, just minor stuff) a new peaked roof to replace the flat roof on our garage!

I have lots of things on my wishlist, but except for the garage roof, not that expensive of stuff.

I love our old 1900ish house :-)

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Our master bath would need the attention first along with some plaster repair here and there and maybe new windows that won't leak plus all the outside landscaping and sprinklers. I would love to till lots of lovely soil amendments into our clay too. I fear I would need all of it and then some to get this done.

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The first thing I would do would be new siding for the house. We have new windows and a new kitchen so I would spend the rest just sprucing things up. Freshly paint all the rooms, maybe some new window coverings a few places. We would do all the work ourselves and make the money go as far as it would go. Sounds like fun to me. I'm sure I could think of a few more things. It is never hard to spend someone else's money.

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Our kitchen was recently remodeled so now we need to focus on the bathrooms.

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I would hire someone to do all the work I am trying to do on my own, with a bit of help from grandson in law when he has spare time. So much to do here. Except for a few things,like walls in the dining room and kitchen (they are paneled), and some flooring, and a more painting, the rest of the house suits me fine. (Once I finish the living room, that I am now working in). It will eventually get done, along with some outside stuff, just takes time, and money.

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We have already gone through the whole house in the last 7 years. New dual pane windows, new doors, tile throughout except for new carpeting in the bedrooms. Had the popcorn ceilings scraped and then textured like the walls. All new appliances in the kitchen within the last year. Also had both the front and back yards landscaped with a minimal of maintenance. New AC/furnace and hot water heater.

We are in the process right now of having the roof recoated and will have solar panels put up there in the next few weeks.

With $50,000 I would have new kitchen cabinets and granite counter tops. I would also have a concrete floor poured to make our patio the same height as the rest of the house and have that area enclosed to make a nice sunroom.

We also had rolling shutters put on all the windows and doors. This helps with the heating and cooling costs and also provides security when we are gone on our trips.

I love our home and the way it has all turned out. It was built in 1977 and is kind of a ranch style, very comfortable.

Here is a link that might be useful: rolling shutters

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We've lived here 19 years and haven't done much except for paint and replace some flooring... I could easily spend $50,000.
Make some drywall repairs, paint, replace all the flooring (except the sunroom), paint or replace all cabinets (baths and kitchen), get master bath shower refinished, get new counters in the bathroom and kitchen. If there was any money left I'd do some work to my front porch and yard.

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Bathrooms. We have three in the great house we just moved to in Nov, only one - the master - has been redone in this 1955 construction and while it was likely expensive and professional, I don't care for it. My master bath has pink fixtures, gold faucets & towel bars. The tub is a huge pink jetted spa thing with pink (soft, a beige pink but pink all the same) tile surround, vanity area the same colors. Neither one of us has been in a tub in about 25 years, we're showering in the bath down the hall.

The other two bathrooms are fine, everything functions, and I think quality work when put in. But they are dated, yellow mini-tub and toilet, green tiled shower, sink with green tile in one.... gray toilet sink and gray tiled shower in the other. Clean and usable, just none of the three my style.

So no emergency, I'm not fighting mildew or anything, just something I would like to update at some point later, and I sure would love a shower in the master.

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Since we redid our kitchen in 2008 and one bathroom this year, I'd go to town on a master suite! We have a bathroom in our bedroom, but it is OLD. 1960ish and the tile is disgusting! Next on the list of many things to do!

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This is just what we are getting ready to do~~there will be no remodeling done, just freshing up and a few upgrades~~we have are the original owners of our house and have been here 22-23 years, so no major damage has been done. We live on an acre not a flat one, so it is easier to care for. We had no yard until 4 years ago~~we love the yard it was $$ even tho we did not do much. We also had the outside painted 2 years back.

We do not want to over do, as in most areas houses are not selling for what they used to and we have some neighbors who have done '0' to there yards/houses, that includes not ever weeding.

Inside we will paint everything,(scary to pick out colors) I am thinking resale so will not do more than 1-3 colors. All new flooring, we have carpet. I would like a bit of wood, but that is in the discussion stage. We have 3 full bathrooms 2 will need new toliets, that is all besides paint for them since DH already updated the sinks/fixtures.

Kitchen counter, a stove top and sink will be put in, the other appliances are new already, all will be stainless. As for the cabinet's there are companies here, that come in and spruce them up with out taking them off the hinges.

We have an ugly wet bar in the family room, we are going to close off the water for it and do the same counter top as the kitchen very plain and easy. But will look so much better than ugly white tile.

We have some shutters through the house, I would like to do all of the other windows in shutters but that also is in the discussion stage;)

Some of you may have read I am dejunking my house lately, This is in prep for all of this work. I want to update my decorating to go along with my new fresh paint~~I am reading a 'Feng Shui' book, to help me do this~~~I do several of the things in the book already so we will see if I want to include other things~~~it is mostly about not blocking the good energy from your house;)

In my head this will not be more than $50,000. But I maybe way off~~hopefully not. I really do not want to put more than that into this project.

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I agree with fun2Bhere. $50,000 doesn't go that far. We redid our kitchen four years ago. DH loves to tell people he gave me an unlimited budget and I exceeded it!

I would redo our bathroom. I've been trying to implant the idea in DH's head so that he thinks it's his idea. LOL

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Oh so much but I know that amount would not cover it all. We must have a new roof soon we have developed a drip leak in heavy rain where the flat roof joins the regular roof. It needs to be taken down to the wood and check that for soft spots and repair I would love to update the skylights for new ones.
My Master bath definitely needs new tile who ever did that tile did not know what they were doing and it is popping up in places, would love to do a full redo.
The plumbing and electrical system need a big over haul.
And the kitchen need some reconfiguring, some cabinets removed to open it up and put an island in instead.

But what I would really love to do is the garage reconstruction into a garage work shop for my husband. He had one must have when we were looking for houses and that was a barn or workshop for him and this house does not have it. The garage it does have is packed wall to wall with all his stuff he had in his shop at our other houses.
Neither of our cars would even fit through the garage doors currently on the garage anyway.

So I think if I was given that money I would give it to him and let him have his shop and garage done first then I could get any crumbs left. Once he has his workshop then he can do a lot of the other work we need done. Except for the roof, plumbing and electrical work of course.

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We custom built, moving in in 2001. We already have a nice, tight house with all hardwood floors, 3-foot doorways, lever handled doors, 3.5 modern baths, screened porch. We're 2900 sq ft, single level, with a finished stairway to what is our attic; it could be another owner's full height 'second story' with the addition of dormers and baths. Our lot is zoned for a 6K sq ft home.

I might extend the under-floor hot water heat beyond the current north-facing rooms -- just leave the gas forced air to circulate a little heat and provide humidity (and A/C in summer). I suspect the mechanicals will need replacing before long: Water heaters, A/C and furnace. Don't know how long the 42" fridge-freezer will last. Roof seems OK. (The roof would probably eat $50K.)

If $50K was a big hunk of the value of my home, I'd consider putting the house on the market and using the windfall towards a new home. At least you wouldn't have to live with the mess! Remodeling is more expensive than building new, anyway. Sometimes you need to think outside 'your box'. We've had twelve years of 'no big repairs' in the new build, too.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Have bathrooms and kitchen remodeled with heated tile floors and towel warmers for the bathrooms and all new appliances for the kitchen. Would also have laundry room remodeled.

Remove popcorn from all ceilings and paint the ceiling.

Replace all windows.

For some reason, none of the hallways in my house have electric outlets, I would have them installed in all hallways and have a light switched moved and an additional wall socket installed in the small morning room.

All of the closets in the house now have pull chain lighting, I would have it all changed out to electric switch lighting.

Have a new doorbell installed and have old intercom system for indoors and outdoors removed and have walls repairs or might consider a new intercom system installed.
Have all rooms painted.

Have all light fixtures replaced.

Have paneled walls with picture frame molding sanded and restained.

Would have the garage ceiling replaced, have all walls repainted inside and have nice storage systems put in, as well as a new garage door opener. Would also have the water heater in the garage placed in a âÂÂcloset.âÂÂ

Perhaps have skylights installed in some areas of the house.

Have old telephone jacks removed from walls and walls repaired, textured, and painted.

Outside, I would the sprinkler system replaced with a new one and some landscaping done.

I know this would cost more than $50,000, but since I'm dreaming I will do it my way.

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walnutcreek -- I don't like my wall switches for closet lighting. I tend to open the closet door, then need to close the door again to access the switch I forgot to use! If you always need the closet light on, I guess you'd learn the right procedure. I'd like a closet light that's activated by a door hinge button (like the fridge).

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Our house seemed just about perfect when we moved into it 8+ years ago, but the priority list includes ...raised toilets that flush better than these do, changed door knobs, ramp to patio and front door (with rails there). Haven't figured out how to do one to garage as two steps take a long ramp. Of course, somewhere down the road, less carpet, more wood floors but I keep thinking about how cold and echoie that would make my world. Heated floors and an instant circulating feature for hot water might get moved up on the list. We put in artifical grass in the front landscaping almost two years ago....wonder how that has impacted our water bill....I do know that we are not paying over $100 a month for keeping it mowed and it is beautiful and natural looking and feeling all year long.

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I like my little home, around 900 square feet. But if I had money I'd add a few updates to make it nicer for me. Not updates to make it worth more to sell, just things to make life easier/more pleasant. I'd add a pantry, a room for storing food, plates and pots and appliances I don't use that often. And I'd add a sunny walk-out window area for my houseplants.

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I'd move my house to another location.

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Just before you posted, Nita, I thought about our dreaded popcorn ceilings and that would be the first thing to go. I would also put in new windows--we have 8 in our little villa, since we're on an end unit. I love seeing the sunshine.

I would also have the kitchen cabinets refaced. Had new quartz countertops put in a few years ago and most of the appliances are only a year or two old. They're white--my favorite (and the cabinets are white, too). I have an area at the end of the kitchen for a small dining area, but it's very awkard since it's 5 steps from the dining table off the living room. Right now I have my computer desk in that space, but I'd like to have a huge pantry type cupboard there. It's very doable and I'd have one little cupboard for the broom, etc.) and the other cupboard area would be for storing larger appliances, baking dishes, etc. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it would make me very happy :-)

Jody, your house doesn't need a single thing from the pictures you've posted. I just swoon over your kitchen and I bet you do, too!!

I'd like new vanities, mirrors and light fixtures in both baths and have our step-in shower redone.

New light fixture over the dining table and I'm pretty sure I'd be out of money, but if there was any left, I'd have new tile put in the kitchen and family room to match the tile in the living room. It looks like a wood floor. The tiles are 6"x21" and staggered. Looks like wood, but much easier to care for. It's a walnut color.

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New roof, and new siding if it would go that far. :)

Otherwise, my house is OK


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

There is no question that I would do some important cosmetic improvements and put the house on the market! New paint, light fixtures in the baths, flooring. I'd even spring for a new stove and dishwasher!

In our location, just about any upgrades would be a good investment and easily returned.

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I would move......

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My house is a custom we built three years ago. I have the finishes I want. I'd probably bring someone in to make my back patio area into a secret garden with flagstones and out door kitchen and fireplace. We're moving this summer. The new house is a spec currently under construction. There, I'd like to pull out builder finishes. I'd like the fireplace to be rock instead of molded concrete. I want a nicer staircase with oversize wood pedestals. I want the interior painted yellow.

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LOL, Carol!! I've thought of that, but love the location.

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2 ceilings repaired, and paint....new flooring thru-out...we'd redone our kitchen back in 2000, but was a rush job, and we needed to go down to the studs...

and now we have this awesome contractor he'd get the cash! too old for diy anymore!

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I love our area but our neighborhood is less than desirable.
Fortunately we have great neighbors and I can grow anything but I can only see our neighborhood declining even more.

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Been there, done this, :0)

Master Bdr: Took out the corner fireplace, added a 3-sided gas one across the room with a BIG soaking tub & marble flooring in the mstr bath, new carpet in the master bdrm, all new furniture(got rid of the waterbed), new window coverings.

Kitchen: New cabinet doors & handles, shelf lining. New tile flooring(took out the berber carpet it came with), New Viking SS stack over the existing 6 burner Wolf. Granite slab counters(also a counter for the media center in adjoining room) & matching backsplash, Franke pro sink, Grohe faucet. Converted the 2 canned lights to hanging bullet fixtures.

Livingroom: Took out the raised hearth, put in a marble hearth, built in the TV in a recessed area over the fireplace, put in new granite mantle, wired the area for surround sound with hidden wiring in the walls.

Silestone banjo counter, pottery vessel sink, SS tube faucet, tile flooring(matches kitchen), SS 3-light fixture, trim around the mirror, SS bar handles for the cabinet doors.

New roof for the house(previously had wood shake shingles, we thought it was a fire hazard).

Note: Did all the work ourselves, except installing the granite in the kitchen

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I would hire someone to do a lot of work that we just are too old and unable to do, inside work and outside work. I'd love to have a room or two added on if possible...one for a craft room and one for a hot tub.

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I'd make very few changes inside other that some fresh paint and some new flooring/carpeting. We have two very large windows on the front side; one is in the living room and the other in the family room. I'd replace these with smaller, more efficient units. I'd keep the width the same but raise the bottom edge to about the height of a couch back.

On the back side, I'd replace the patio doors with ones having better thermal efficiency, and build back stoops for the patio and another rear door.

Add two outdoor electrical outlets on the front side of the house.

Upgrade the furnace to a high efficiency unit although I have second thought about this. The present furnace has been highly reliable for 34 years and helps to clear the basement air. Around here, some houses have experienced too much radon gas in tightly closed basements. The remedy is to install a small vent fan that moves air from the bottom if hte basement to the outside thus partly nullifying the move to a high efficiency furnace. Also, reports I hear from my friends is that their high efficiency furnaces are not trouble free, but have required service calls to keep them going. Its an emergency when this happens in the middle of a winter cold snap. Many of the failures have been associated with electronic parts and assemblies.

Install a large backup alternator system. In 34 years, our power has never been out longer that a couple of hours, but then, there is always a first time.

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My kitchen is getting done now, or it is supposed to be anyway. Insurance is taking lots of time! I have been a month now without a kitchen and most likely will be another month! Don't know if I can keep my sanity any longer living off the dining area table, fridge, toaster and coffee maker.
But...back to the ?. I would have my two bathrooms re-done, and maybe a few other things, but would go rent a place while it was taking place, lol!

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We would do the work ourselves.
First I would get a new kitchen window, a bigger one which would involve cabinet and wall and siding redos. I would get rid of my ugly tile in my kitchen and LR and lay wood floors. I would still have $ left to do other small things.

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If I still lived in my old house (sold it last summer), I would replace all the cheap hollow doors with nice panelled ones, repaint everything, close in the screened porch and add a new deck. It was actually in pretty good shape.

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I already have my wish list ready:

Bathroom Overhaul (all new tub and toilet, tile, add granite counter and new sink to existing cabinet). The vent fan needs replacing as well, I would like an automatic unit that senses humidity and turns itself on and off.

New stove and dishwasher.

New washer and dryer. Drywall the laundry area and add cupboards and a countertop.

Widen the driveway just a bit so the angle isn't quite as sharp and I no longer have to drive over the grass.

Deck and screen house around the pool, or take down the pool and install a cement pad and greenhouse in that area.

Oh, and I need a new mattress for my bedroom and a queen size bed for my daughter. That should about cover it ;)


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This house is 43 years old and still has the original flooring in all of the downstairs, kitchen, family room, dining room and half bath. I would so like to have that all replaced with an easy to clean vinyl. Also replace the windows. Would also like the trim and baseboard and doors finished and put up that they started some years back. I can not see any of the above work ever getting done. If I had some money though it would get done.


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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Chisue, I had thought to put the wall switches inside the closets on the left hand walls near the doors. Do you think that would pose a problem, too?

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Country Sunflower

I would take out the jacuzzi and replace it with a walk in shower .. and new tile, and sink / cabinet... Then the remainder would go for a kitchen redo..


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walnutcreek -- I have switches inside our MBR walk-in closets. I was thinking of my reach-in closets. I'd appreciate the button for 'instant on' (like a fridge) for those.

Wherever there's a 'reach in' switch you have fingerprints from trying to find that unseen switch. Our condo has mirrored walls in the baths; I just cleaned around the light switches -- again!

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Fall over: either a fainting spell ... or a heart attack.

As for the repairs/remodel - 't'ain't my house: I rent.

o j

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Can I just burn it down and replace it with a ranch style? Four floors are too much on this old body any more. *sigh*

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I would raise the roof on my cape cod and add a powder room up there.

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Replace knob and tube wiring ~$10,000
Replace hated claw foot tub (have to remodel to do it) ~5,000
Install half bath downstairs ~5,000
Convert front porch to sun room for cats ~10,000
Replace kitchen counters ~3,000
Re-insulate attic ~5,000
Replace windows ~8,000
Misc 'stuff' ~4,000

(First three are actual estimate, others are just dreams)

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