allergies and feeling exhausted

boscoOctober 11, 2001

Hi List, I have been feeling exhausted...went to the doctor who says that the problem is allergies. I feel more like I have the flu...has anyone else experienced this? I took a sample of Claritin, but it made me more tired.

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I am having that type of exhaustion right the flu is coming on or a bad virus, and it is also from allergies. It is really overwhelming, and funny thing is, my "allergy" symptoms; nose, eyes, etc. are really, really mild. However, this whole scenario seems to worsen with my age (47 next week).

I don't know anyone that can handle Claritin and not feel more exhausted, just in a different way. My closest thing to a solution has been to take a child's dose of Benadryl syrup. It seems to be enough to ward off the worst of it but not make me drowsy as Benadryl can. Occasionally, some hot tea or coffee will get me through any drowsiness I do feel from it. My daughter and Sis use this "self-medication" technique also with pretty good success. We use the syrup because it's easier to take a child's dose then if you buy capsules. Good Luck...I DO know how you feel!!

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There are so many different antihistamines it is worth the effort to experiment until you find one that works for you. That is, does away with your allergy symptoms but does not make you sick in some other way (better known as side effects). To Bosco I would say, let your doctor know about your response to the Claritin and ask for samples of some other prescription antihistamines to try. Tippsmom aslo had a good suggestion that is worth a try.

My allergies have become much less involved and less intense as I've gotten into my 50's but I remember clearly that fluish, exhausted feeling that was part of my summer and fall allergies, could barely drag myself through the days in Aug and Sept. and was ecstatic at the prediction of the first heavy frost of the season.

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The only thing that has worked for me is Advil cold and sinus. I don't get tired and it takes away any of the body aches that I have. I always dread this time of the year, and I agree with Anne on the heavy frost.

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what allergy medicines work the best, I use Allegra but it doesn't seem to work....I have terrible allergies and I take 3 shots a week but that doesn't work either

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