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sewnjoyOctober 21, 2004

My doctor wants me to use the Vaginal Ring instead of Premarin Cream for vaginal dryness due to menopause. Has anyone used the ring & can you tell me how you like it? It really sounds strange to wear the ring for 3 months at a time. And, I'm wondering about sex, if it will be in the way or if it needs to be removed before. Any information will be appreciated!

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I don't know anything about the ring, but am curious why he doesn't want you to use the cream anymore. The cream is what I use, but I don't insert it, I use it topically. If this doesn't work I will have to go on the pill.

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I just did a quick search, you might be interested in what I found. I had never heard of it myself.

Here is a link that might be useful: information

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The name of the vaginal ring that was prescribed for me is Estring. It is for menopausal women with vaginal dryness. It is to be changed every 3 months. Just wondering if anyone else is useing it & how they like it. I was useing Premarin cream internally & externally, but, developed a bad yeast infection & she doesn't want me to use that method anymore.

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Does this dryness happen to every woman? I'm 40 and not there yet, but my mom started menopause at my age and thought I was having signs of it a few months ago, but now think I could be wrong.
Anyway, I'm curious about this condition and would appreciate any info you want to share about it, just to prepare myself.

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another friend of mine said the creme worked fine for her dryness... I don't know, I don't have that.

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I think the change affects women differently. I went to the doctor thinking I was headed for depends like a lot of women when aged, bladder control. I was happy with the diagnosis, it was only dryness. My mom had her first paps test at the age of 70, due to bleeding. The report was not good, but she lucked out also, it was dryness. She used the cream for 3 months and the paps was redone with a good report. Dryness does affect your sexual life, most I know of who do not take hormones do not have a sex life anymore.

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So far the vaginal ring is doing fine. Don't even know it's there. Neither does my husband. I have to change it next month. So, every 3 months is no problem, if you don't forget. My doctor told me of one woman who didn't remove the old one & kept inserting new rings every 3 months. Had extreme discomfort & when the doctor examined her she had to remove those 6 rings. Yuck! But, so far, no complaints from me & I don't have the uncomfortable dryness problem anymore.

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