? regarding black Cohosh

Heathen1October 19, 2006

Does Black Cohosh raise blood pressure? I recently started taking it, and my bp jumped 20 points! both systolic and diastolic. I am on a lot of other meds, but I think that Black Cohosh is the culprit.

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Well, I thought I'd say more about side affects of Black Cohosh. I am an herbal person, I tend, until now, to get less side affects from herbs than western meds... BUT this is the side affects that I got from taking Black Cohosh. Increased sweating (and I need THAT? doing that already!) higher BP, increased heart rate and facial swelling, maybe from the raised BP? And headaches :o(
I am posting this, just in case someone else gets these side affects...

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Thanks for the post.
I usually prefer herbal or natural remedies too, but I have learned that just becase something is labeled, natural or herbal, it doesn't mean that the side effects are always benign or helpful.

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Yeah, it sure would be nice to have some RELIABLE testing done on herbs... so you could know what to expect. My BF took some milk thistle... on the advice of his doctor and it reacted with his blood pressure medicine and formed an estrogen type chemical and gave him boobs! Luckily, his doc knew about that and wasn't surprised. I didn't know that could happen!

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Only certain companies do ANY testing on herbal remedies. Its takes pharacuetical companies years to do drug testing, but there are no strict rules with herbal stuff. You really need to be careful what you buy.
As far as the estrogen goes, what happened to your husband is a documented side effect of that hormone. Environmental estrogen is a real problem for some folks. I read about a chicken farm in the UK who used estrogen pellets to caponize the birds, and the grandfather and his little granddaughter developed breasts because they ate the chicken necks. The neck is where the pellet was inserted.

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