Menopause But Still Menstruating?

dee_can1October 28, 2008

That sounds like an oxymoron; but I just had my LH and FSH tested and found out I'm in menopause (I'm only 45). It was kind of a shock because 6 months ago the same tests showed I was no where near menopause.

I told my doctor that I was still having my period though - albeit, shorter w/shorter in-between time. So, is it possible to be in menopause, but still have a period? Logically, I say, 'no'. But the numbers say I am. I do have Hashimoto's (and started thyroid replacement 4 months ago), and Celiac, so my hormones could be acting up? I'm being rechecked for LH and FSH in about week. But, I'm thinking maybe I won't have a period this month... or ever. Any thoughts?

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"So, is it possible to be in menopause, but still have a period? "

technically, no

menopause means "The time in a woman's life when menstrual periods permanently stop"

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Google *Perimenopause*.

Its that time when periods get lighter and infrequent. There are hot flashes. Mood swings. Sweating. Headaches. Whatnot. I was getting my period every six months for a few years until they stopped and I had menopause.

Here is a link that might be useful: Perimenopause

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Thanks for your replies. western, I was kind of thinking it meant that, too ; ) - which is why I said, "What?!" to my doctor, and explained that I'm still having my period. My LH and FSH numbers are both very high, though, so he says I'm in menopause.

dilly dally, thanks for the link. I've been googling perimenopause for a couple of years now because of my symptoms. I'm really surprised that my doctor was adament that I'm *in* menopause. I guess I'll know more when I get my LH and FSH retested. I think I remember reading that the numbers can go up and down in perimenopause.

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Hmmmmm......does your doctor know when he should and shouldn't draw those labs? They fluctuate constantly, depending on where you are in your cycle. Did you have to wait for a certain time to go in and have your labs drawn? I think we all can vary alot in our hormone levels and what that means.
I'm taking forever to get my FSH up and I quit having periods about 4 years ago. Your FSH might be forcing some well-hidden eggs out of hiding, and then you have the rest of your cycle.
What does your doctor say about the effects of the thyroid problem on hormones/periods?

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Hi catherine, I had that test done on day 3 of my cycle; and now he wants me to have them done on day 21 of my cycle. So, the first one was follicle phase, the second will be luteal(?). I think I have that right (I don't have my lab paper in front of me right now). Put it this way, I'm having the tests done in different phases of my cycle.

All my doctor says about the effects of my thyroid is that my pituitary is going 'crazy' right now. I couldn't agree more with that. I also have high prolactin.

That's really surprising to hear you say it's taking so long for your FSH to rise after having no periods for four years. And mine's rising while I'm still having my period. It'll be interesting to see what my next blood tests show. Thanks for your response.

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He dee,
Is your doc checking your pituitary out too?

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Hi catherine,

Well... I had my prolactin tested 6 months ago, and it was high. Then I had it checked again along with my thyroid levels (after being on thyroid replacement), and it was a bit higher. So, the doctor said if it keeps going up, I'll have to have an MRI to see what's up (and it is still high - not outrageously, but above the range - as of my last blood test a couple of weeks ago). I see him in two weeks, so we'll discuss it, then.

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Good luck dee......and let me know how your doctor visit turns out.

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I'm 50 and i stopped for 9 months then had another period stopped again haven't had a period so far knock on wood but just have been told that i have hypothyroids and I feel like i am drained. The dr. put me on levothyroxin.

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I am 45 years old and for the past 2 years my period has been coming every 3 to 4 months and reasonably light. Then my gyno ordered an FSH test and told me I was in full menopause!!! I was shocked because i keep reading that full menopause means NO periods at all. I kept asking him do you mean peri-menopause and he said no- if you are getting your periods it is abnormal bleeding! now I am terrified. i have no pain no syptoms and cant believe these "periods" I am getting are abnormal. I am now going in2 weeks for a biopsy on the uterine lining. In the meantime no sooner than he told me i was in menopause I started getting my period monthly and now the last one i am having for 3 weeks non-stop! I am so sick of this i feel like telling him to just take the damn uterus out before i become anemic. I can't stop bleeding and although its not heavy i don't feel like my energetic self!

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