Does anyone have Hawaiian Green Granite?

billwags325January 2, 2009

I just saw for the 1st time a Granite called Hawaiian Green. I thought it was beautiful and would like to know if anyone has it and how they like. I never heard it mentioned here before or anywhere else. I thought my counter choice was going to be Green Peacock, but now I may have to switch to this. Could it go my another name?

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We have what they called kerala green granite (they also called it Tropical Green). I think it is the same as Hawaiian Green. We love it. I tested it before we installed it and nothing stained except the red sharpies. Mustard, wine, lemon juice, even the black sharpies came off the next day. It looks beautiful with our medium/dark stained cabinets.

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Thanks Tonig, they sound great and maybe the same granite. Do you have any pictures posted on gardenweb of your counters?

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No, I've never posted. I could try if you're interested. The granite has lots of movement from fairly light to quite dark green bands. Red spots are scattered--most are tiny specs but some spots as large as dimes.

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Yes, I believe Hawaiian Green is the same as Tropical G. That's exactly what I thought of when I saw this thread. It is very pretty and a bit lighter of an alternative than Peacock Green.

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If you could post a picture that would be great. I only saw a small sample and am not even sure if I can find it around here. I also am getting creamy colored cabs with a sage green island and am not even sure if it would be a good combo.

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Yes, I have Hawaiian Green Granite and I love it! I don't have a picture of my granite but if you go to my member page, look under clippings and find the pictures posted by yanalg, you'll see her granite with dark cabinets. My cabinets are maple and my kitchen contractor told me later he was skeptical about my color combination but at the completion, he thought it came out well.

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My DH and I fell in love with this granite almost 4 years ago. We both agreed that it will be in our kitchen (if it ever gets finished!)

I always imagined I would pair it with medium stained cherry and a neutral backsplash. However, we went to a holiday party recently and the whole house was Spanish Colonial with saltillo and talavera tile. The kitchen had Tropical green granite, honey spice cabinets and a white backsplash with talavera accents. It was absolutely beautiful!!

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Thanks Tanajeki for the pic. I guess I have to find out where it is and then bring my cabinet there to see how they look together. It really is beautiful, though.

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I love green! all the green granites! The green you like has tiny bits of red through out stone : right? The small piece that we have in warehouse is real pretty: with waves of green dark and light with small red dots all over the piece. I will try to take picture. I love green and I love all : so would be hard for me to make choice:

-I like "emerald green" because of the large rectangular crystals of blue feldspar looks iridescent.
-I like "verde peacock": because it's less expensive and has big shinny crystals that look iridensent at times and the gold in the stone makes the peacock look rich.
-I like the "Hawaiian Green" because of the variation with different greens in a wave pattern and the red!

Good Luck! Best wishes!

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we have it. it also goes by Verde Laura.

no issues and we never had it sealed since the original sealing (installed in July 2007).

Here is a link that might be useful: my kitchen blog

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I have it, too. It is really beautiful -- multiple shades of green with movement that isn't overpowering, bands of garnet, flecks of gold.

The mishap of the year was spilling a few cups of hot vinegar all over it! (Coffee maker overflowed.) No damage whatsoever.

I used it with cabernet stained birch cabinets and a beige tile backsplash. You can see some pictures here (, Galleria project.

BTW, it is one of the lower priced granites.

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