Need info on menopause- almost 51 have no symptoms

mangomoonOctober 11, 2009

I have read many articles that state that most women are done with their periods by age 51. I will be 51 in a few months and I still have periods at and around the same time each month, sometimes a very light 2nd period, which I have read is just dried left over blood. Frankly, I am tired of menstruating and anxiously awaiting for it to come to a complete halt. I have no symptoms, no hot flashes or any of the things that most women complain about, so how can I determine when I will be done with or entering menopause?

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You'll just have to wait and see. Some women start it later. When did your mother go through it? I quit having periods around age 54. Some women go through menopause without many problems. Maybe you'll just be one of the lucky ones!
Your second light period might actually be a period. When women start through perimenopause, their periods usually shorten up. Mine went from every 28 days to about 21.

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My mother started her period near 16 yrs of age and came into early menopause in her mid to late 40's. When she was 35 she had a child (my brother) w/ Downs Syndrome. Something about her was never right I thought, especially the extreme late period. I started at 11 1/2 yrs old. I never really suffered much and my periods were no more than 2 days long at the most and on the light side, but a couple of years ago, they began to become heavier and less than the 28 days. It is rare that I go a month without 2 and I am always in fear that it will 'surprise' me and go right through my clothes.

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