Anxiety or Peri..or a combo of both?

TygerTyger1October 22, 2013

Hi everyone..I am new here, thanks for reading.

I am 46. I have a highly stressful, deadline oriented job, and have been struggling with this for over a year. About a year ago I had a really bad night, just everything came to a head, the frustration and helplessness, hated my boss, the schedule, etc. Cried half the night and really got worked up. The next morning I woke up feeling extremely off balance, light headed, everything was too hot or too cold. Felt a tight, weird sensation in my cheeks and legs. Being already upset and vulnerable, I went to the emergency room.

While waiting, I decided to weigh myself for the first time in about 8 months. I was stunned to see I had shed 25 pound without knowing it or trying to. The doctor showed up and diagnosed the symptoms I was having as anxiety.
Interestingly, as soon as I left the hospital I felt alot better.

Flash forward to working at a different place, but still, highly stressful (I work in TV, so I hop studio to studio) and am experiencing burning in my mouth almost all day and night, that weird "too hot too cold" thing especially in the direct sun or in a supermarket. Also constant buzzing/tingling and a sense of hypersensitivity in my hands and feet.

I decided to visit my gyno for a blood test finally earlier this month. We did a blood work up for progesterone, vitamin levels, blood sugar, thyroid, cortisol, liver, etc.

The test came up normal on everything. Progesterone level was 11 (done about day 21). She did not check estrogen levels, she seemed to go on progesterone only.

I guess my question is, can you have such extreme and chronic symptoms like this with a normal progesterone level. Has anyone gone thru extremely stressful times and have found that they have become "hypersensitive" like this..? I am exhausted in body and mind.

Oh, on another weird note, I had visited the gyno in May, just to talk initally, and I felt reassured, and as soon as I went out to the car every symptom stopped for a whole month. Then, eventually crept back. So, I figured it was time to start looking deeper into it.

I am at a loss here, trying to juggle the possibility of peri or just an ungodly amount of stress?

I tend to get physical symptoms of stress, I tend to internalize frustration, anger, stress...etc but this is so persistant and daily, it's making me think more is going on. Burning mouth, for instance, seems to be connected to both anxiety and perimenopause..almost like there is no difference..all my symptoms seem to be capable of being one or the other..or both?

Anyway, any insight into progesterone levels/symptoms or weird anxiety symptoms would be great.

Thank you!!!

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Menopause and anxiety go hand in hand and since you are already in a stressful job/situation it just seems to be making everything worse. Life will be going along fine and then BOOM peri/menopause kicks in to let you know who is really the boss.

Since it seems as if you feel better after being reassured at the ER or doctors office it makes me believe you are also having some panic attacks. Again, normal for perimenopause to have this. I too get the burning mouth and other really odd symptoms I never would have thought could be peri but it is.

Do you make any time for yourself at all? Exercise(i know i know, it sounds so cliche)really does work. Try to take some time for yourself if you can and just know you are going to make it through this. There are about 35 symptoms of peri and I am positive i have all of them but I am 50 and now that I know what is going on I don't get so full of anxiety about it and just try to take it day by day.

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Hello ladies, I had exactly the same symptoms, and work in a highly stressful environment too (aid work). I have tried everything under the sun, and honestly thought I was dying. Went to a very good homeopath the other day, and for the first time in 18 months, have had very good days, with only minor symptoms. I actually quite don't believe this is working, and am praying it keeps, but its a miracle so far. You need to get a full homeopathic consultation, and they prescribe something that suits the "whole person" not the symptom. I came out with something called Sepia. Try it.

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Has anyone else had tender swollen veins in hands, arms, and feet. I've been to mt family doc & the emergency room and they just keep telling me it's nothing to worry about. i don't remenber ever seeing this listed as a symptom of menopause.

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