Pets and Menopause?

pinkys_lifeOctober 7, 2006

My dog is getting old. She is around 9 years of age and she is "fixed". I know this might be the wrong forum for this question but I want to know if anyone with pets can explain if menopause could be the cause of my poor girl's recent problem.

Her rear legs have gone near paralyzed and she is only slowly building up the muscle to stand again. The vet's assistant we believe hurt her on a visit quite a few weeks back. The Vet denied any responsibility blaming a degenerative disorder that a neurologist later disproved. Nobody can tell me why my baby has lost her legs. She is almost able to stand again, but she still drags over half the time. I worry that her hormones might be affecting her healing. You can see her page at the link below marked "Pinky's Page" where you can see pictures of our little baby and her poor legs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pinky's Page

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I don't think dogs get menopause as they can pretty much bear puppies till they pass on. I have no idea what the problem is, but I have a friend who had a cat that had the same problem, and she spent major $$ trying to figure out what the problem was.... they never found it. He eventually looked like a cartoon bull dog, huge front shoulders to compensate for the weaker legs. I am sorry... it's awful for your baby to be injured! I don't think suing would do anything, you have to be able to PROVE that the vet did it.

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