Restless Leg Syndrome

lacombeOctober 27, 2008

Does anyone have Restless Leg Syndrome? Sometimes it nearly drives me crazyI have to walk around, and massage the legs just to calm them down.I stared getting this when I went in to Menopause.

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I've had RLS for over 20 years, before menopause.
Sometimes worse than other times.
I find I need to do deep knee bend exercises before I go to bed or I just couldn't lie there.

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My 16 year old son has RLS so I don't think its a menopause thing. We are going to try magnesium which I read could possibly help. Have also read quinine helps but we tried that and it didn't work for him. His doctor told him no caffeine and be as active as you can possibly be. Hope you get some relief soon.

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DH has it. He's taking meds for it. The meds have helped a great deal. His RLS has been with him over 40 yrs.
He's sleeping better and is more energized since starting the meds a few weeks ago.

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carol from ny..

what meds is DH taking?

I have found that magnesium lessens the symptoms, but you need to take 250 mg/day.

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Hi everyone. I have missed two periods this past year,I'm 47 and the women in my family are usually 50. I have had two knee replacements in 06. I have never had RLS untill then I had surgery. It took a good nine months to stop without medication. Last week I went on a road trip 600 miles over two days,twice,in a six day vacation. On the way home day #5,my legs had a mind of there own. Also for two days after the trip. I feel that I could have walked the 1200 miles. Does anyone know how to explain this?

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My mother has restless leg syndrome, and she swears by this folk remedy: Put bars of Ivory soap between your fitted sheet and the mattress (down where your legs are when you're in bed). I know, it sounds insane. How could that possibly help? But she swears it does, and that remedy has been floating around for a while. I figure, it can't hurt to try it, right? Must be Ivory soap; who knows why.

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I have a friend who told me the same thing. Her mother has been doing this for several years now. You're right. Can't hurt. I'm going to suggest this to my 16 year old who has it and he is going to think I'm crazy. I wonder what it is that helps?

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I've found, taking a very hot bath before I go to bed helps my legs.My doctor had given me a RX but I had to many bad reactions and couldn't take it..I did try the soap but didn't see where it helped, but I'm going to give it a try again....

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I have had it all my life. Does not really bother me since I have always had it.

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ItâÂÂs totally a pain, isnâÂÂt it? IâÂÂve started using Restulex �" itâÂÂs a natural product with no side effects (biggest selling point for me, right there �" drugs with side effects suck). If you wanna check it out, theyâÂÂre actually offering a free bottle right now if you participate in their study. You just gotta call.

But no matter what you use, IâÂÂd go the natural route. A lot of RLS is caused by mineral/vitamin deficiencies anyway, and the natural stuff puts those back in your system instead of just burying the problem like a drug.

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I just found this thread this morning and see there hasn't been a post in over a year. I've had RLS since I was a small child, but never knew what my problem was until I found it several years ago while searching on the internet. I take Mirapex, .75 mg an hour or so before I fall asleep, and find that I have to take it at the same time every day or it doesn't work nearly as well. I've tried the Ivory soap and other suggestions but never gotten any relief until I started the medication.

Just curious if anyone else is taking Mirapex.

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Try Co Q-10 an antioxidant. From the health food store.
It is what nurses use on long 12 hr shifts of walking. For
painful legs. When I get restless leg it is painful like
a cramp in leg. You have to take a few before it works
over a course of a few days. Also quinine does help. It
can be found in tonic water. I like the tonic water with lime. (: It doesn't take much.

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I have found that if I make sure to eat 2 or 3 bananas a week it cuts down on my episodes of RLS. When I do get it, stretching my legs (sit in straddle and hold 30 seconds Right, left, and center - sit with legs together & straight & hold ankles 30 sec. - butterfly stretch 30 sec.)seems to take care of it.

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I have discovered that products like nyquel nighttime cold med and anything that is antihistamine makes my RLS flair up badly ! also I am an avid walker (usually 45 min. a day 6 days a week) I have found that RLS flairs up if I don't stay on walk schedule, not all 6 days but at least 3 days a week. Anyone who does not fitness walk should try it.

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