What do hot flashes actually feel like

zoezoeOctober 21, 2006

I just turned 52 yrs. old last week and am peri-menopausal. My last period was a few months ago. However, I have begun getting these really warm sensations (usually at night, and usually only on the back of my neck). It will last for about 45 seconds, but it's not like I am dripping with sweat or anything.

Could this just be a preclude to the infamous "hot flashes"?

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Sounds like how mine started. Heat up the back of my neck, enveloping my face, then the rest of my body would get clammy. I didn't sweat heavily. I called them "moisties". They didn't last long, but the frequency increased over time until I wasn't getting much sleep. That's when I started to try various remedies, and eventually after a few years ended up on HRT for full out hot flashes.

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some times I get that... some times I just sweat like the temperature suddenly jumped 30 degrees. My night sweats are just sweaty... not the heart pounding things that some people get. I don't even feel really hot.

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At night my whole body starts sweating and I feel incredibly hot all over. During the day I feel it mostly in my face and my face sweats like crazy. What a PITA when I'm at work talking to co-workers and I'm constantly wiping the sweat off my face.

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Black Cohsh is the best thing to take for hot flashes. I suffered with them for many years. My husband pushed me to talk to my doctor about getting something to help. On this web site I found that other women were taking Black Cohosh. I tried it and I saw a differance in a couple of days. If I do not take Black Cohosh for a couple of days the hot flashes come back. It is a God send. It works. I get it from a drug web site and buy one bottle and get two free. It is much cheaper than Walmart prices. I also take a product called Flash Fighters for the other problems like mood chanhges. Both togeter works for me.

Mary Ann

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I have a friend who turns red in the face and sweats profusely. I just feel warmer than usual, and my face flushes (kind of like when you're a teenager and feel embarrassed). I don't usually sweat at all, except I occasionally wake up early in the morning, throwing the covers off, and slightly sweaty. I think it really varies from one woman to the other.
Mrs H

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I wake up at night feeling sweaty,so much that I start to get chills. Then I change into a dry nightgown to get warm again. I always fall back asleep again quickly.

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