Update on uterine cancer

young5344October 11, 2004

I had my surgery last Wed. All went well and I was out after 1 night. Large incision - all the way across but they needed all that space to get to the lymph nodes. At this point in my life I could care less about an incision scar.

Oncologist called today with the best news and that is it has not spread to my lymph nodes so when they removed the plumbing - they got it all. I go in Thursday for him to go over the whole report. Don't know if he will be recommending any other treatment. I have read that once you have it it can come back but I will do what it takes.

I am so relieved that it had not reached the lymph system.

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Congratulations on the excellent news!!!!!:)

I hope you're eating your chocolate and making everyone wait on you hand and foot.

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Hope ever thing is ok and you have more good news. Have your family wait on you awhile.


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Appt with the Oncologist went as good as can possibly be. I do not need any further treatment. No cancer in the 9 lymph node area that were disected. There is always a small percentage 1 or 2 percent that some of those evil cancer cells got into the blood stream (which is different from the lympathic system) but he said he is not concerned and that after no sign of cancer elsewhere - this type of cancer might develop in the cervix so hence I will be getting pap smears a lot more often - I will be considered cured after 5 yrs.

I am very lucky that it was caught early. I am working hard at recooperating from the surgery. Sometimes I do too much but know when to rest.

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I can't stress it enough. Long, leisurely walks and dark chocolate are the best medicine.

Again, I'm so glad that your prognosis is good.

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