Am I going thru Menopause?

dbartloweOctober 4, 2006

Hi, I am a newby so please bear with me. I'm 43 yr/no children. I have been having horrible monthly cycles for the past 6+ years....never knew what I cramp was before then......heavy, clotting, etc. About 6 months ago I started getting heart palpitation and after getting it checked out magnesium shortage was the problem. I had 2 -10 day cycles last month. I had a rage/anger incident last month......have never felt such madness before in my life! I seem to be having up and down mood swings from high to low with lots of crying the past 17 months or so. Does anyone think I'm going thru menopause? Please advise.

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Sounds like it to me! But I recommend that you should always see your gynocologist... and now's about time you should be testing for all the bad stuff that hits women with age. :o)It's fine for self diagnosis... but you should be checked. Preventative medicine is always the best.

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